Some Body

Been There: Some Body

Here are stories about real people, your age, who have dealt with some issues around health, STDs, drug use, sexual orientation, emotions, and more. They tell you what it was like for them and what they learned from their experiences.

Jennifer Prather - Health: "Scoliosis...I Can Overcome This!" - A Teen Editorial Board member interviews herself!

Russell Huffman - Health: "Dealing with Diabetes." - A Teen Editorial Board member interviews himself!

Barbara - Health - Eating Disorders: "I want to live!"

Gina De Vries - Sex - Coming Out: "I said, 'l like girls.' There was this silence at the end of the phone and then she said, 'Gina, that's okay.'"

Vanessa - Health - Eating Disorders: "They're lying. There's a conspiracy against you to make you fat. You are not going to die."

Stephanie - Health - Eating Disorders: "I got thin and my life actually got worse!"

Paula - Sex - HIV Positive: "They asked if I wanted to take the AIDS test. I said, 'Man, for what? I'm not a gay man! I don't use drugs.''"

Darell - Sex - HIV Positive and Gay: "I'm a gay Native American and that's not bad."

James - Sex - HIV Positive and Gay: "I always had protected sex. It wasn't an option for me not to have unprotected sex."

Michael - Sex - Coming Out: "I didn't feel uncomfortable dating women, but I knew that I was attracted to men."

Linda - Drugs - Ex-Smoker: "...she could inhale so perfectly. And I thought 'Oh, you know, that's so totally cool.'"

Angela - Drugs - Substance Abuse: "I mean it's good to have a good relationship with your parents, but to smoke weed with your mom at age 13!"

B e e n   T h e r e

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