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Conference: Making the Peace: Eliminating Racism
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Tuesday, 10/07/97

with your hosts LilyCCC and BluesCCC

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BluesCCC: *^*^*^*^*^*^***^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^**^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^**

BluesCCC: Hi ! Welcome to TheInSite! Tonight's Topic is:

BluesCCC: Making the Peace....Eliminating Racism , ....

BluesCCC: We'll Be Stating Shortly.......

BluesCCC: Please type a "?" if you have a question and wait to be called upon!..Thanks!

BluesCCC: And Please remember... this is NOT an open Chat!

BluesCCC: *^*^*^*^**^*^^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^**^*^*^***^*^*^*^

LilyCCC: Ok Folks!!!!!!! We are Going to begin..we are we are going to have an open discussion of racism.....

LilyCCC: What do you all think Racism is???

kberve: lily CCC what do you think it is?

mecha1: I want to start about racism!!

lanaboo: no chat on racism don't even get me started

minivanner: Racism is the act of believing something about a group of individuals based on one single component

LilyCCC: machal...start talking!!

toorisky: racism is an excuse to cause and maintain a class division

LilyCCC: are all right!!!

Lady`Erin^: Racism.....hmm.....anyone who treats another differently because of any difference between the individuals.....

BluesCCC: nicely said, mini and toorisky

lanaboo: bc I hate racism and its all bad here in gang bang town

LilyCCC: Yes Erin..wonderful!!

LilyCCC: lanaboo..where do you live?

mecha1: I think that we should all learn how to like each other and get over our differences.

LilyCCC: Tacoma now, lanaboo??

lanaboo: people always getting shot up here

toorisky: you say gangbang town....I don't believe as a whole we can chastise an entire population for the "BS" of a few

lanaboo: yes

LilyCCC: do we do that? any idea?

BluesCCC: toorisky ..... what is gang bang town?

LilyCCC: toor..good point!

minivanner: teaching children diversity and tolerance would be a great start

toorisky: jeeez...ic the wanna bes....and the real deal all over....

lanaboo: gang people all around right across the street too

mecha1: stop assuming things about certain people because of their color or something

LilyCCC: Right mecha...

toorisky: but has nothing to do with racism....just hatred for crime....and the criminals...

LilyCCC: Ok Folks...what is at the heart of racism???

minivanner: ignorance

BluesCCC: lanaboo ........ but where are you from......and why do you call it gang bang town?

LilyCCC: What emotion is underlying??

Lady`Erin^: fear

sweetie13: hate

minivanner: fear

LilyCCC: mini! Yes...for one!

minivanner: any sometimes

sweetie13: stupidity

Sparkle2: ignorance

LilyCCC: Right..fear!! m Perfect!

minivanner: envy that is

toorisky: long standing hate for no reason....blanket hatred....

LilyCCC: So....what are we all so afraid of????

Lady`Erin^: anything different than us

LilyCCC: toor...don\;t you think at the heart of hate is fear??

mecha1: thanks. none of my black or white friends really care about color.

BluesCCC: that's right, Lady`Erin^ ....... and why do you think that is?

toorisky: nope......i am not afraid.....never have been

LilyCCC: Right do you think we fear differences?

LilyCCC: different cultures intimidate you at all?

minivanner: I have been afraid. But I don't fear a race. I fear violence. I think that is different. when we are told the violence is from ONE group-that is racist

toorisky: I think the real cause of now what is called reverse the special treatment of some...disregarding the whole.....

LilyCCC: mini...excellent point...but who tells us that??

BluesCCC: mini..... exactly..... we are all people..... the violence is the fearful part of anything....

toorisky: so it is jealously...and madness at the core....

LilyCCC: do you think that is escalating racism??

minivanner: I think the media does, I think some parents teach that

LilyCCC: mini...good points...both of them!

mecha1: yeah, I think its the parents

Sparkle2: I agree with mini

LilyCCC: mecha..why do you think it is parents?

toorisky: it is only escalating because of laws...quotas...etc....time is now to be as one...including hiring,firing,school...etc....

minivanner: I don't think we are inborn "haters". I think we are taught-or subliminally taught this

BluesCCC: mecha.... agree.... definitely starts with parents...

mecha1: a child just doesn't learn racism all by themselves.

minivanner: sometimes outright, of course, but that is a whole other level

LilyCCC: mini...Blues..right....

BluesCCC: exactly, mecha.......

LilyCCC: you think quotas are wrong?

toorisky: right on mini......the liberal press....loves to drag up a lot of the corners...and present it as the real life situation....

LilyCCC: mecha...wonderful point!

toorisky: you got more quotas.....

LilyCCC: toor..why not??

mecha1: thank you!!

minivanner: ummm toorisky-there is where I disagree with you

LilyCCC: mini..I do too.....

toorisky: tell me when was the last time any of you ...first hand saw any form of true racism....???

sweetie13: school

mecha1: you see it all the time

minivanner: My kid was at a party and he was called an extremely awful word

Sparkle2: I believe quotas are necessary because some would not get a fair chance otherwise

LilyCCC: Does anyone here think that after the years of oppression forced on minorities by white...they deserve a chance to catch up?

minivanner: that should count

LilyCCC: Yes Sparkle..I agree!

toorisky: give me an exact ....situation.....for I don't think I have seen it outside quotas...

bigl: what grade are you in

BluesCCC: yikes, Mini....

LilyCCC: mini..why?

minivanner: he has a good friend who is Jewish

toorisky: it has been over a hundred long do you want...>??

mecha1: I don't quite understand your question.

minivanner: and he was in a different town, and had to leave a party early for Rash ashana

minivanner: to make a long story short-it was just downright ugly

LilyCCC: Oh mini!!

BluesCCC: mini..... was it because of religion?

hoolieta: racism is every where and needs to stop we all need to recognize it and stop it

minivanner: his friend had to leave that is-so therefore my son went with him

minivanner: yes

LilyCCC: we owe a debt to minorities that have been held down??

BluesCCC: right, mini.... New Year?

LilyCCC: do we do that?

toorisky: racism my mind doesn't cover religion.....we get there and we go back to the beginning of time....

minivanner: and -he had never heard anything like that before( thank god) really upset him

LilyCCC: religious hatred too.....

minivanner: Judaeism is a race

Sparkle2: no I don't think that a debt is owed but I think we need to try and learn about each other's cultures

LilyCCC: yes mini!

BluesCCC: absolutely, mini....

Lady`Erin^: anyway....

LilyCCC: Ok Sparkle...very well put....

hoolieta: when you see/ hear some thing racist say some thing don't blow it off

minivanner: anyway-with all the teaching as parents that we do-this stuff creeps up anyway

minivanner: So sad

Sparkle2: exactly mini

LilyCCC: do what...respond?? Say it is offensive?

minivanner: I just wonder where it is creeping from?

LilyCCC: do you think it creeps up?

Lady`Erin^: what I was saying.....when very young children are playing together....they see nothing wrong w/ their differences......racism is passed down and taught to children

LilyCCC: yes too....

toorisky: but not in the sense that is presented......we get into that....and it will never be solved....jeeez....religious wars from before the beginning of is not the color of skin...but the belief in a high power that is the can't convince me religion has a place in this conversation...

LilyCCC: are so very right...!

mecha1: yes ladyerin

minivanner: I wish I knew. Perhaps all these supposed do gooders are not espousing the same things in their homes I guess

BluesCCC: HOw does everyone feel about racism in schools.... especially lower grades.... 6th, 7th and 8th.... where kids don't really know the REAL reason behind it.. and what should they do if they feel they have been discriminated against?

hoolieta: yeah or just let that person know that its not cool or accepted in our culture anymore old news

Lady`Erin^: I am in 8th

LilyCCC: toor.....the Jews are a minority who has been oppressed......thats all it takes....

LilyCCC: hoolieta..that takes a lot of courage for many...How do you do it?

LilyCCC: Blues...good question!!

bigl: ohh please they are not oppressed anymore

toorisky: so are the tell much more special treatment should they have over a christian....???

minivanner: would the statement make any difference if they used the N word-I think not. hatred is hatred

Lady`Erin^: BluesCCC......most "kids" are encouraged to seek counseling

LilyCCC: big...why do you think that?

hoolieta: blues : when someone discriminates against you do not keep quiet let people know you are hurting

BluesCCC: right, Lady`Erin^ ....... but how would YOU approach it with a child?

bigl: jews are now considered white americans

mecha1: I think they should they should talk to their parents about it if they are unsure about it

Lady`Erin^: according to you, I am a child

hoolieta: I just remember how bad it hurts not to say anything

LilyCCC: mecha..what if the parents are racist?

toorisky: as a child it should never be brought up....lets let then be kids...and not let counselors put ideas in there heads....

Lady`Erin^: grandmother is very racist

LilyCCC: hoolieta...good for you for taking a stand!!

bigl: nobody judges a Jew by just looking at them.unlike latinos and blacks

BluesCCC: agree, toorisky

Lady`Erin^: she especially hates blacks.....but it from how she was raised

LilyCCC: Erin...tell me what she does???

LilyCCC: big..not true....jews are judged by appearance too....

bigl: does anybody agree

minivanner: mine was too lady Erin-hard thing to listen too

BluesCCC: Lady`Erin^ ........ you are hoping to see that with many of the older generation.......

mecha1: what does she say about blacks?

bigl: maybe hasidic

Lady`Erin^: yeah Blues, I know

LilyCCC: big..Orthodox and Hassidic jews are very noticeable....

toorisky: so ask the black grandma about whites...orientals...indians....we all dislike for some reason...but when it goes to hurting in any way...then it is racism....and is wrong....not wrong to have an opinion....

shawks: sad but true sometimes Blues . . what happened to all the flower children of the 60's . . now parents?

bigl: how come nobody talks about latinos

*minivanner I am having Adam watch this-I can't believe this is coming out of their mouths

BluesCCC: yes they re Lily.....and are more open to it all because of their appearance

LilyCCC: Erin..what caused her to hate blacks?

BluesCCC: *^*^*^*^*^*^***^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^**^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^**

BluesCCC: Hi $1 ! Welcome to TheInSite! Tonight's Topic is:

BluesCCC: Making the Peace....Eliminating Racism , ....

Lady`Erin^: toor, that's true.....but some opinions can encourage others to resort to violence

CHEPAIMEX: Racism sucks a HUGE one!!!!

toorisky: ohhhh please lily....that is a endless question/answer....and is not relevant....

mecha1: my grandmother is black and she's not like that

LilyCCC: So....any difference of appearance make a person a mark..for hatred.....

Lady`Erin^: LilyCCC, she was raised in the white section of Elizabeth, NJ

CHEPAIMEX: people are people

LilyCCC: Erin..and she grew to fear blacks?

BluesCCC: CHEPAIMEX .......... we get their point....... but you really gotta watch the language.....

Lady`Erin^: yes

bigl: how many people here have ever felt prejudice

Rik: humans are by nature, afraid of something different...change, a different person, a different appearance, other's only a small leap from fear to hatred

LilyCCC: toor..I believe there is an answer to most questions.....

Lady`Erin^: she was taught that they are all bad, and steal......

toorisky: see LilyCCC how you feed off this....and you don't even know this person....second had feeding the fire....

shawks thinks everyone has felt prejudice of on sort or another @ times

LilyCCC: have confused me?

bigl: true

LilyCCC: shawks..i agree!!

AWKMAN: any racism that once exited in me quickly evaporated when I found women of different cultures attractive it would be hard to justify

minivanner: yes shawks, very true

mecha1: I think that everybody has, but i've learned from that.

LilyCCC: We would all be lying if we said we weren't biased against some group....

toorisky: you ask a young girl about her grandma.....why not keep it one on one...and talk with the source....not a third party....

shawks: age/race/gender . . all of those are forms of discrimination

BluesCCC: AWKMAN ......... and that is understandable.... but women are on;y 1/2 of that particular race.....what about the other half?

LilyCCC: toor....she is a source...she has experience her grandmother..and has knowledge to share....

Rik: yes shawks, which is why I LOATHE those questions online

shawks: LOL Rik . . I agree!

LilyCCC: shawks...very true!!

AWKMAN: I am at times territorial

BluesCCC: <--------agrees with Rik....

toorisky: from what...first hand...or threw her mom/ the grandma to get the truth....not ...not ...a third party...

LilyCCC: I am me....we are all individual with gifts and talents.....

mecha1: what do you all think about INTERACIAL DATING

Rik: wow jayboy, that's some huge shoe size you got there

LilyCCC: So, why do we fear others may outdo us?

BluesCCC: Nicely said, Lily....

shawks: I think there should be no reason not to mecha1

AWKMAN: its stressful to witness

hoolieta: amen lilyccc

JayBoy1: Very Funny Rik, I am 15 years old.

LilyCCC: mecha.....I dated a black man in college.....

bigl: How come italians are considered white.and latins are considered "hispanic"

cute_guy: <-------------14/m

Lady`Erin^: toor......don't refer to me as "a young girl" please......

Lady`Erin^: I have a name....

BluesCCC: LOL ~

minivanner: wow shawks-I read yours wrong the first time-i almost died! LOL

Rik: why tell us, jayboy? so we can discriminate against you?

LilyCCC: toor...I am sensing a lot of hostility coming from you...why are you so angry?

mecha1: did your parents approve of that?

toorisky: see how sensitive you lady......and now we r to trust your interpretation of your grandmother...please....

JayBoy1: No, You can't discriminate against me

hoolieta: who does not like competition face it we all want to win its the sour losers that make it hard

Rik: jayboy, well I can now that I know your age and sex

LilyCCC: parents were very open..they did fear I would get hurt....told me that friendship was the better alternative....

minivanner: LOL-I thought you said "I see no reason why"

Lady`Erin^: I just don't like to be automatically classified as young and stupid just because of my age

Lady`Erin^: it's another form of racism

minivanner: I don't Erin-heck one of my mentors online is 14

bigl: ageism

toorisky: lily....hostility.....none here.....i want the truth...not second hand information....remember what was said about the press...and the distortion of the truth...

LilyCCC: Right Erin...from what I have are quite in touch!

Rik: it's not important, jayboy

mecha1: that's my point. your parents automatically thought that you were going to hurt because he was black.

LilyCCC: toor..but aren't opinions valid too...? And experience?

Lady`Erin^: thanks Lily....

minivanner: experience is what we can learn from. Not to repeat the mistakes

bigl: we will never eliminate racism.

AWKMAN: genetic variety I'm told strengthens the gene pool from disease etc...

LilyCCC: mecha..not hurt by him! By what others would say......society....

LilyCCC: big...why do you say never?

toorisky: opinions are ones own truth......experience is the vital key....your personal experience....not that of your grandmas....

Lady`Erin^: toor.....would I not be the source? have I not grown up w/ racism??

shawks: that must have been tuff Lily

JayBoy1: You just think you soooooooo funny don't you Rik

LilyCCC: does.......

Rik: Yes, Jayboy. I am quite droll

Lady`Erin^: I merely said how my grandmother acts.....

BluesCCC: and it's true, Lily.... my sister in law is dating a Black Guy... a great guy too... and they ALWAYS get raised eyebrows wherever they go......

bigl: because everywhere you go people are segregated

LilyCCC: shawks...he moved back to his home state...he felt out of place in Montana.....end of story....

toorisky: tell us.....what have you had happen to you......or you did to others......

hoolieta: Rik knows what they are talking about

mecha1: well, I think that if they deep down inside approved they wouldn't care what society thinks!

shawks: that is sad in this day Blues . . I thought our society had gotten past all that

LilyCCC: Erin..and you have every right to share that with us.....and I thank you!

bigl: whites with whites and blacks with blacks

bigl: its just the way it is

LilyCCC: shawks..i did too...but look at the church burnings in the South?? What does that say?

BluesCCC: It is shawks..... and maybe someday, probably not in our lifetime, it will be as right as rain....

Rik: no way, shawks. even HERE that's a problem

toorisky: my opinion......humans with humans......

mecha1: Its not just the way it is bigl

LilyCCC: big....and why are blacks and white not simply just people?

shawks: not the way it should be necessarily in my view bigl

mouth: i'm not discriminating anyone

bigl: then what is it

Rik: yes you are, mouth, by asking for only MALES with which to chat, you are discriminating against half the population

toorisky: a

LilyCCC: LOL Rik..good catch!

mecha1: if a black person wants to talk to a white person, so be it

Sunkist: over half the population

Lady`Erin^: sorry about getting grandma wanted me to do something

LilyCCC: macha..if any person what's to talk to any other be it!

JayBoy1: bigl, why should it matter what color anyone is, everyone has a different personality and people can fall in love even if they are a different race

Lady`Erin^: lol mouth

Rik: yes mouth. we are all here chatting :-)

LilyCCC: you live with your grandma?

BluesCCC has MANY good friends who are black, Jewish and difference.... we are all people.,

bigl: we are just people,but we automatically scared when a group of black teenagers are walking down the street

Rik: we'll chat with you, mouth, if you chat with us, on the topic

Lady`Erin^: yes Lily.... my grandma and dad

LilyCCC: big..why???

shawks: <------ agrees with Blues

AWKMAN: their is something of race that concerns me

bigl: will you admit to that

Rik: what's that, awk?

LilyCCC: Ok are some steps we can all take to start to end racism??

shawks: what is that AWKman

mecha1: well bigl, I think that everybody gets scared when they see any kind of gang coming towards them

Lady`Erin^: LilyCCC.....steps are already being taken

JahLion: have mixed blood babies/...make one race!!

shawks: chat with all Lily . . . no racial evidence in chat

LilyCCC: toor...this is an open chat..newcomers take a minute or two to get the topic....

mecha1: no matter if they are black or white

BluesCCC: like what, Lady`Erin^ ?

JayBoy1: I M white N I do not get scared when I see a group of black people, a lot of the people I know are black. If someone is prejudice that is their problem

minivanner: never let a bigoted remark go unchallenged. By doing so you give tacit approval to the bigot

shawks: I agree mecha . . fear of crowd

LilyCCC: shawks...wonderful!!!

Rik: yes mini

LilyCCC: mini.....yes..perfect!

Lady`Erin^: back

minivanner: I think that in this day and age that would be a good start

mecha1: thanks shawks

Lady`Erin^: steps like what they teach in schools

LilyCCC: has anyone been in the position of challenging a racial slur?? What was it like?

minivanner: I have Lily-it was quite funny actually

Rik finds it interesting that even in the middle of a chat against racism, other forms of discrimination are RAMPANT

Lady`Erin^: and counselors who come in

toorisky: I have....

lanaboo: my brother was held at gunpoint

JahLion: yeh, I have...scary

AWKMAN: on the us capital building there is a indian

JahLion: oops scary..

Sharky: This is ridiculous its like refusing to talk to someone because their Italian

shawks challenges ALL the time . . has lead to some knock down drag 'em out arguments with my Father . . LOL

LilyCCC: Jah...can you tell us about it?

minivanner: I challenged and the person backed down so quickly-it was quite funny

Lady`Erin^: Sharky, it is ridiculous

BluesCCC: Sharky ........... and you are tight!... and that is what this is all about!

minivanner: My son was with me and we giggled all the way home

mecha1: I think that there is racial discrimination in the schools all the time.

LilyCCC: dad is racist?

shawks: LOL mini . . . good news!

bigl: and why is that a lot not all black teens are so hostile towards any other race

minivanner: Challenge a bully works with adults too

toorisky: ever call a black person a racist......????

LilyCCC: mecha..tell us how??

LA_SHADOW: BLuesccc why

LilyCCC: yes does!

Rik: better with adults, mini

Lady`Erin^: toor...there are some "blacks" who are

BluesCCC: toorisky .......... racism exists in ALL races against all races....

JINGJING: our school...about 98% of the students are white!!!

minivanner: yes Rik-very true

JayBoy1: How could you refuse to talk to someone because they are Italian, my best friend is Italian

shawks: unfortunately he continues to describe people in "politically incorrect" terms Lily . . drives me to DIStraction

LilyCCC: Girlies..not in here please..we are equal opportunity chatters!

toorisky: U got it.....I wish this was a 25 y/o and older page....we could get something done...

AWKMAN: how can a country that destroyed so many indians have the guts to put an indian on the capital

mecha1: during black history month why is that you never learn a lot about african americans?

BluesCCC: LOL, Lily!

Rik: Gee, jayboy, I don't know. People refuse to talk to people based on age and sex all the time. I don't understand that either

LilyCCC: shawks..that must bee hard..and embarrassing too!

bigl: mexican indians

Lady`Erin^: black history month is when my b-day is

mouth: many people think that blacks are discriminated more than others, I think whites are discriminated just as much

mecha1: I think that it should be mandatory that teachers teach it.

Lady`Erin^: February

shawks: neither do I Rik . . . seems like an old habit . . . not conducive to good chat!

LilyCCC: big..what about Mexicans and Native Americans?

AWKMAN: all kinds of indians

mecha1: no not really mouth. you all basically control the government.

BluesCCC: mouth..... the term *white* encompasses MANY different races of people......

Lady`Erin^: hmm.....have you ever seen a black comedy show vs. a white one???

JahLion speaks..."Until, the philosophy, which holds one race superior...and another...inferior. Is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned...Every where is WAR!!"

shawks: it SURE is Lily . . . but I have learned to speak my peace 7 not let those words "push my buttons"

LilyCCC: do you see whites being discriminated against?

JayBoy1: Bigl, because a lot of people are prejudice and make people hate each other and that is how it all starts. I love everyone, I don't care what race they are, I would be friends and go out with anyone I liked no matter what race

bigl: this land was mexican land before the white man stole it

LilyCCC: Good for you, shawks!

lanaboo: I hate it when people get mad if you use the n.. word and your a racist if you do but they call each other that and thats not right

LilyCCC: yes was.....

Sharky: Oh well to each his own I guess

toorisky: ohhhh lily...that is so what was said......comedy shows....jeeez....

JahLion: No it wasn't...SPANISH AND FRENCH!

mouth: in my school if you are white and hang out around the blacks then you are a wanna be black person

Rik: Spank, there you go, breaking one of the rules already

LilyCCC: think the N word is acceptable?

AWKMAN: white people have been historically imperial

lanaboo: no I hate the n word

mecha1: just because you hang out with black people and you're white it doesn't mean you wanna be black

mouth: I have black friends and i'm not a wanna be

Rik: the n-word: nice

mouth: I know that

LilyCCC: mouth..going to want to be black?? Explain?

toorisky: what is the n it so evil we cant even spell it...say it...???

LilyCCC: mecha...exactly!

lanaboo: n word is very bad

Rik: no word is evil

minivanner: the meaning behind is

shawks: I agree mecha . . . just because my friends may be different than I am . . doesn't mean I want or BE like them . .

Rik: yes mini

LilyCCC: I hang our with men at times..i don't wanna be a man!

JayBoy1: I have a lot of black friends, one of my best friends are black and I am not a wannabe

mecha1: thanks

Rik: good thing, lily

BluesCCC: lol!!!

LilyCCC: LOL Rik..expensive...

minivanner: heheheh

toorisky: the n word is nigger.......we all know is only not acceptable when put in a aussatory sentence form

Rik: lol lily, it sure is

BluesCCC: rofl, Lily~!

bigl: if the "n" word is so bad the why do blacks use it to use it so much

minivanner does not wish to go down the evolutionary tree (j/K)

LilyCCC: does this wannabe attitude come from??

lanaboo: I dunno

JayBoy1: I wanna no the same answer, Bigl

Lady`Erin^: I have a friend named Adam......and he's half indian, half european..."white" so, anyway......while he was growing up, he had go to an all black school, which I think is horrible to have a school of one race, but he was the only "white" person in that school......

mecha1: I always wanted to know that too.

toorisky: so what lady......what's the point...???

LilyCCC: did he come out of that experience?

Lady`Erin^: and he isn't racist in any way......I wish more ppl would think the way he does

Lady`Erin^: have the same experiences

LilyCCC: toor...can we not be attacking please..thanks!

Lady`Erin^: LilyCCC, he made friends

LilyCCC: Erin..wonderful!!

JahLion: people of mixed races don't discriminate as much...

JINGJING: I don't understand why people are seems like they could look further than just one persons skin color

Rik is still hungry...

Lady`Erin^: he was beat up constantly, but his friends stayed by him

LilyCCC: Jing...very true..but many can't.....

toorisky: lily...again you get me wrong....why so scared of a little head butting.....????

JINGJING: yeah...i know

LilyCCC: Erin..he is a strong man!

bigl: how come a black comic like chris rock can make fun of white people

Rik: JingJing. I can understand it. People here, right in this room, discriminate against people based on age and sex. Race is no different

lanaboo: Good Q how come

LilyCCC: Nope toor..I just like to see everyone respected....

JINGJING: yeah..thats true

mouth: I was in a class with my friend and she was racist. just b/c I hung around her people thought I was racist too but i'm not

Lady`Erin^: yeah Lily.....and he's 13, as am I.......most ppl feel we're too young to know about the world.....

LilyCCC: Rik...well put......

JayBoy1: I no Chris Rock makes fun of white people and gets away with it

mecha1: because chris rock makes it funny. he's not doing it to be mean

mdam: Why do black people constantly call each other nigger?

LilyCCC: Erin...never too you to learn.....

BluesCCC: mouth..... and that will happen.... by association.....and it's too bad..

bigl: how do we know that?

LilyCCC: mdam....I don't know....

lanaboo: does that mean chris is a racist?

toorisky: no want all to be happy.....when we r talking about a misunderstood has to be a well as personalities...

JahLion never calls his bredrin "niggah"...

bigl: maybe

Rik: if he was a white comic, making fun of black people, he'd be racist

mouth: why is that?

lanaboo: exactly

bigl: so true

LilyCCC: toor...I can take clashing.....done nicely....

JayBoy1: That's so true, Rik

jccha: hello how is everybody doing tonight

JINGJING: bye everyone...its nice to see that people actually care about this stuff

mouth: why is that Rik

BluesCCC: lanaboo ......... not at all.......HE was always preaching against it.... and He was also discriminated against...

mecha1: actually he wouldn't be jayboy and Rik

Rik: mecha, I bet he would be. I bet he'd be labeled as racist faster than my wife can drop $100 at Nordys

LilyCCC: Ok....back to what is a racist then???

lanaboo: blue then why does he make fun of whites and all that?

LilyCCC: LOL Rik!

mecha1: whatever. how old are you Rik

BluesCCC: lanaboo ......... how does He do that?

bigl: because he can

toorisky: I feel if more fingers were pointed at the accusers.....then racism will subside.....for it is a two way street.....

Rik: mecha, I refuse to use age as a discriminatory marker. Why don't you try the same policy?

minivanner: I think it is quite true rik. for the life of me I am figuring out here how to justify it-I cannot

LilyCCC: big...good point..because he can.....and make money doing it too....

Antigon: excellent response, Rik.

lanaboo: watch his stand up..even martin makes fun of whites

LilyCCC: talk.....

minivanner: yes

BluesCCC: lanaboo ..... I can't see how they have done it...

minivanner: doesn't justify it though-just explains it

docbque: docbque: what's up with this click of people....

LilyCCC: Tommy guy.,,,very racist...very rich.,,,,

mouth: rik you didn't answer my question. if chris rock was white making fun of blacks, why would he be racist and the black chris rock not be racist?

bigl: how do you know tommy h is a racist

Antigon: Mouth, that sounds like contorted logic t o me.

toorisky: how about the distortion of the confederate flag.....there is a point that I feel whites are pushing blacks into rebelling....when for this long ...blacks could care less.....leading story on espn now....

LilyCCC: Ok,., you can only make fun of a race if you are of that race?? Is it ever right to make fun of any race?

lanaboo: ok CCC i've watched them and my friend seen them and thats all they did is rag on whites and I totally hate that

Lady`Erin^: you are even racist about clothes? if someone dosen't have the "right" kind of jeans on or whatever, it's cause to beat the life out of them......

LilyCCC: toor...with folks not wanting to got to Miss for college?

Rik: that's not racism, lady

Lady`Erin^: it's really sad

bigl: good point erin

BluesCCC: lana.... I think you are confused with what they are trying to say.....perhaps we both should it again....

Lady`Erin^: yes it is, Rik

lanaboo: lady so true if you don't have name brands your an out cast why is that?

toorisky: yes......lily....who r the ones complaining....but the bed wetting liberals...not the blacks....

Lady`Erin^: maybe not as strong as most forms, but it is

mdam: Rock is a comedian. He makes me laugh.

Rik: no, lady. racism is the belief that race accounts for differences in human character. it has nothing to do with clothes.

bigl: are you black mdam

Rik: you are talking about discrimination

Antigon: Toorisky, that's a rather prejudicial way of referring to an extremely large group of people

LilyCCC: lanaboo..that is off comment was on the clothing designer racist comments....

minivanner: "bed-wetting liberals" is a pretty bigoted remark there toor

BluesCCC: Rik... it does at times.... we talked about Hassidic Jews earlier...and how easy it is to know them by how the dress... wear their hair, etc....

minivanner: thanks Rik

toorisky: what it is my opinion from fact antigon.....a white conservative opinion

LilyCCC: toor....Wow...not that was kind of hostile....

Rik: Blues, racism doesn't discriminate against the clothes....

minivanner: I kind of take exception to it, actually

Lady`Erin^: Rock makes me laugh too.....even a few racist comedians do, just have to take what they say w/ an open mind and free heart......and not take everything to be so serious

lanaboo: you said talk about racism and there are all types of racism not just color

Antigon: It may be your opinion, Toorisky, but you're not going to make many friends that way, even among other "white conservatives"

LilyCCC: toor..why such hatred behind the statement? They just have different views.....

BluesCCC: not against the clothes Rik... but against the people wearing the different dress.....

Rik: yes, but only if they are of a different RACE. If the difference is something else, then it's not racism

toorisky: hey...i am here to voice my opinions....coming from a 35 y/o combat vet....who has been there and done that....

mdam: White

bigl: how come the poorest neighborhoods are always black and latino

LilyCCC: toor....and I have you beat by 3 years...I have lived life too.....

Rik: the Amish are also discriminated against. That's not racism. They aren't a separate race. They are a separate culture.

BluesCCC thought Jews were a separate of people.....

Mr7yan: Puerto Rican guys rule!!!!!!!!

minivanner: I think you are entitled to your opinions tooks, I know that I differ from most of them. I would certainly never call you some generalized hateful term because of it though

minivanner: At least not out loud

LilyCCC: big...because they haven't had the same chance we white have....

mecha1: I'm Black and I dpm

toorisky: ohhhh lily....quit making

Rik: lily is beating people?

bigl: you said it

Rik gets in line

LilyCCC: LOL Rik..I am a pacifier....pacifist....both!

toorisky: is a heart breaker and a life taker......

LilyCCC: Ok is about time to wrap up this chat..any last thoughts?? Comments?

Rik: wow, now THAT is even more discrimination...age, sex, and LOCATION

mecha1: I'm black and I don't live in a poor neighborhood. that's just a stereotype

docbque: docbque: their must be a lot of angry or some kind racist thing......

Lady`Erin^: not really Lily......will you be leaving after this?

LilyCCC: mecha..wonderful point!

mecha1: thanks

LilyCCC: yes Erin..I will be back tomorrow!

mdam: Richard Pryor and George Carlin make me laugh.

toorisky: wtg mecha......meaning you r in the majority from what I have seen......just like me....paying bills and raisin kids...plain and simple

Rik: well, my point is that racism will continue as long as people are perfectly willing to accept discrimination. And this room is ample evidence that people are indeed willing to accept, even embrace, discrimination.

BluesCCC: */*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/

BluesCCC: Want to see what TheInSite has to say about Life?

BluesCCC: Check our Discussion boards.

BluesCCC:> choose discussion

BluesCCC: boards------> Choose The InSite------->

BluesCCC: */*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/

LilyCCC: Rik....sad but true.....

BluesCCC: *^*^^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^**

toorisky: nothing but a thing....if you feel bad about is a burdon...if you can sluff off wont effect you.....

LilyCCC: Folks!! You have been so very open and I thank you all or your opinions!

BluesCCC: ****************************************************

Log file closed at: 10/7/97 7:02:54 PM

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