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Conference: Some Body: A Definitive User's Manual for Your Bod
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Tuesday, 9/22/97, 3:00 PM PT

with our guest Shafia Zaloom

Health Teacher at Marin Academy High School in San Rafael, California

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Session Start: Mon Sep 22 20:55:34 1997

arTISt: hello everyone!

TISwise: Hi everyone!

JesterTIS: Hello Shafia

TISwise: Hi Shafia Welcome

TISwise: .. *******************************************
TISwise: .. Today's topic is
TISwise: .. The InSite: "Some Body -
TISwise: .. Definitive User's Manual for Your Bod"
TISwise: .. with our guest Shafia Zaloom
TISwise: .. Health Teacher at Marin Academy

TISwise: .. *******************************************

TISwise: .. Talk City's Newest Forum
TISwise: .. The InSite Presents
TISwise: .. "The InSite: "Some Body -
TISwise: .. Definitive User's Manual for Your Bod"
TISwise: .. with our guest Shafia Zaloom
TISwise: .. Health Teacher Marin Academy

TISwise: .. *******************************************

TISwise: .. Welcome, everyone, and especially to
TISwise: .. you, Shafia! We are very happy that
TISwise: .. you were able to join us today! : )

TISwise: .. *******************************************

TISwise: .. We will be running a question list here today
TISwise: .. so we know whose turn it is. If you have a
TISwise: .. have a question, please type a ? and then
TISwise: .. wait to be called on. If you have a comment
TISwise: .. just go ahead and make it where it seems to fit in.

TISwise: .. *******************************************

JesterTIS: Welcome to TheInSite :)

Shafia: Thanks Jester

JesterTIS: My pleasure

TISwise: Shafia we are glad to have you here with us

Shafia: Ready to start I've some opening comments

Shafia: Teenage time is sacred. You are on the cusp of being a child and moving on into adulthood. Many changes (mental and emotional as well as physical) take place as you begin to separate from your parents and exercise more independence.

Shafia: Throughout this process of establishing and expressing your identity, you may feel anything from sad to elated and many things in between. This can be confusing and generate questions for you as well.

Shafia: Therefore, I am hoping that you will use this space to ask your questions, and gather information that will help you find the answers you are looking for and form some understanding of what you're going through.

Shafia: Topics I have the most knowledge in are: Identity, Stress Reduction, Body Image and Eating Disorders, Sexuality, Substance Use, and Relationships.

Shafia: I'll do the best I can with whatever you ask.
Shafia: ga

arTISt: thanks Shafia!

TISwise: What can we do when we are very stressed over school especially when we go off to college and have a whole new schedule

Shafia: First of all, it's very important to take care of your self
Shafia: mentally...some form of exercise
Shafia: emotionally...make sure you do fun things
Shafia: physically...get enough sleep and eat well
Shafia: all these things can help reduce stress
Shafia: ga

arTISt: How do I explain to my parents that I'm under stress? They don't understand

Shafia: It's important to sit down with them, calmly and use "I" statements, telling them specifically what's wrong
Shafia: example : "I feel overwhelmed when I have a lot of homework, sports, and piano..."

arTISt: School work...
arTISt: activities....friends....don't seem to be enough time for everything

TISwise: .. *******************************************
TISwise: .. Today's topic is
TISwise: .. The InSite: "Some Body -
TISwise: .. Definitive User's Manual for Your Bod"
TISwise: .. with our guest Shafia Zaloom
TISwise: .. Health Teacher at Marin Academy
TISwise: .. *******************************************

Shafia: Does anyone in the room feel like they are spreading themselves too thin and don't have enough time for themselves and to just hang out?

GRAYWOLF6: owowowowowooooooo

arTISt: Is is really important to eat breakfast?


Shafia: Gray...can you tell us about it?
Shafia: ga

GRAYWOLF6: just beat all the time,too busy

Shafia: Gray, are you managing your time so that there is a balance with your activities and studies?


Shafia: Gray...So you know what needs to be done? and you're just waiting to take responsibility??

GRAYWOLF6: c ya later!!!!!

TISwise: What can we do when we feel emotionally overwhelmed and it takes up all our time

Shafia: TISwise..please clarify the ?
Shafia: TISwise.. I didn't really get your question
Shafia: Who else has a question about Stress, your Bod, relationships with friends...
Shafia: ga
Shafia: Who else has a question about Stress, your Bod, relationships with friends...

arTISt: Shafia: How much sleep do I need?

Shafia: Good question..
Shafia: It's actually individual depending on the person's lifestyle and make up

arTISt: Shafia: Is eating healthy foods really important?

Shafia: are what you eat!
Shafia: It's important to eat foods with high nutritional value

arTISt: Shafia: Ahh...lots of broccoli then :)

Shafia: it's also important to eat "fun" things and treats as long as it's in moderation

Innes73 thinks frozen juice bars are fun

arTISt: And what is the food pyramid?

Shafia: Broc is one of the best foods to put in your bod
Shafia: ga
Shafia: Next ?

Dale: Shafia- what if a relationship is based more on sex than friendship?

Shafia: depends on the feelings of BOTH people involved a physical relationship can be OK as long as neither partner is getting hurt. Of course, the sex should always be safe
Shafia: ga
Shafia: next?

TISwise: Shafia who can we talk to about the changes in our body if we are not comfortable talking to our parents?

Shafia: What are your questions about sex???

arTISt: are condoms 100% safe?

Dale: if my girl is pregnant, should i be responsible and marry her

Shafia: Dale...Responsibility doesn't necessarily involve marriage

arTISt: We're talking with our guest Shafia about Some Bod: Definite Users Manual for your Body

Shafia: It's important to reduce the risk of pregnancy first and if she does in fact get pregnant

Dale: please define responsibility

Shafia: it's important to communicate with each other about what you both want

Shafia: Artist who's next?
Shafia: ga

TISwise: GI was next but not here now but I have a question

Shafia: ga

Dale: tough questions huh, see ya later

arTISt: .. We're talking with our guest Shafia
arTISt: .. about Some Bod:
arTISt: .. Definite Users Manual for your Body

TISwise: Who can we talk to about our body changes if we are not comfortable talking with our parents?

Shafia: Dale call 1-800 230-PLAN

Shafia: Tiswise...You can seek out an adult that you trust OR ask an older sibling or friends at school if they have or are experiencing the same things you can. Also call planned P-Hood 1800 230-plan
Shafia: ga

TISwise: Thanks Shafia!

arTISt: Can I expect my parents to treat me differently when I come home from my first visit after being away at college for first time?

Shafia: Artist...IT depends on what type of parents you have. They may or may not. You may like it or not

TISwise: What about my friends having sexual experiences and I do not want to and feel left out but have my own beliefs?

Shafia: Twise..It's important to live what you believe this is your integrity Do you feel left out of everything? or just confused about sex?

TISwise: I think confused about sex

Shafia: Tiswise...There is a big difference. What are you confused about? A lot of people are...

TISwise: I guess I want to belong that is it I think mostly fit in with other people

Shafia: Tiswise..There are other ways to belong. If you decide to start experimenting with your sexuality, make sure it's for the right reasons

TISwise: Thank you that makes a lot of sense to me now

arTISt: How should I handle not wanting to experiment with drugs?

Shafia: Artist...You don't have to and can explain to your friends why. There are a lot of people who don't use. You have to think about what kind of friends you have if they expect you to use.

arTISt: Shafia: How do I handle peer pressure?

Shafia: peer pressure is difficult and if you're feeling it, you should find someone you trust to talk to about it
Shafia: ga

arTISt: forget question! lol

arTISt: Shafia: okie....if I want to make new friends, how do I do that?

Shafia: Artist..try to get involved with activities that interest you and you can then find people you have something in common with to start
Shafia: Hey you guys!! Give me ??? or !!!
Shafia: ga

arTISt: Shafia: What's really safe sex?

Shafia: Artist...abstinence is the only REALLY safe sex, but if you are to have sex,

arTISt: well..aside from abstinence then....

Shafia: a latex condom used with another back up method of birth control

YPnOyHuStLa: QUESTION: how much marijuana is safe to smoke in one day???

Shafia: including Nonoxyl-9 is the safest of course, it's important to use it correctly as well
arTISt: ?
Shafia: ga

YPnOyHuStLa: Is smoking it safe?

Shafia: smoking is proven to be unhealthy
Shafia: BUT
Shafia: if it is to happen, amount and substance are to be taken into consideration
Shafia: Ypnoy..does that answer your ?

arTISt: Shafia: Should I use a jelly, etc with latex condom?...and.... what other form of birth control do you recommend?

Shafia: YpnOyHuStLa had a ? about smoking
Shafia: just wanted to make sure it was answered

Shafia: artist WATER BASED lubes are best
Shafia: They reduce friction and the risk of condoms ripping. You can use spermicidal jellies and barrier methods with condoms as well.
Shafia: ga

arTISt: Shafia: Explain barrier methods

Shafia: Artist...barrier methods cover the cervix
Shafia: ex: diaphragm or cervical cap

arTISt: Where do I get diaphragm?

Shafia: Artist...Diaphragms must be prescribed so a doctors visit is needed
Shafia: OR you can go to Planned Parenthood for confidential services. Call 1-800-230-plan for the one nearest you
Shafia: ga

TISwise: Are there any more questions our time is almost up

arTISt: .. Thanks!

Shafia: We have time for one last ?

TISwise: Yes we have time for one more
TISwise: Anyone have any last question for our guest Shafia

Shafia: I appreciate the conversation and thank you for having me in to

arTISt: It's sooo confusing trying to buy condoms! So many to choose from

TISwise: .. ********************************************
TISwise: .. You can find out more information about body
TISwise: .. image, adolescence, and health issues at
TISwise: .. The InSite web site:
TISwise: .. *********************************************

Shafia: chat. My e mail is: [email protected]

arTISt: Thanks Shafia for being here!

TISwise: .. *********************************************
TISwise: .. Our time is up for today! Thanks to everyone
TISwise: .. for being here. A very special thanks to our
TISwise: .. guest, Shafia Zaloom!
TISwise: .. *********************************************

Shafia: My e mail is: [email protected]

TISwise: Thank you so much for being with us this week!

Shafia: So, if you have any ?s write to me
Shafia: I'll be back next week

TISwise says a big round of applause for Shafia

ManTIS: Thanks Shafia! :)

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