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Conference: The Drug Zone
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Tuesday, 3rd February, 1998

with Bill Arigi, a psychotherapist involved in Addiction and Recovery Treatment

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LyriCCC: */*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*

LyriCCC: . Our guest this evening is

LyriCCC: . Bill Arigi,

LyriCCC: .a psychotherapist in private practice

LyriCCC: .Bill is here to answer your questions

LyriCCC: .about drugs, addiction, and recovery.

LyriCCC: */*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*

LyriCCC: .Please type a ? if you have a question

LyriCCC: .for our guest. Type a ! if you have a

LyriCCC: .comment. Our cohost will call on

LyriCCC: .you when it's your turn. Thanks!

LyriCCC: */*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*

LyriCCC: .Bill, welcome to #TheInSite! Would

LyriCCC: .you care to make a few opening

LyriCCC: .comments?

LyriCCC: */*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*

BillA: Hi, everybody!

oCCCtave: heya bill! :o)

LyriCCC: Bill : )

Platypus: Hello Bill! :-)

clemaTIS: Hi Bill :) Good to have you here

BillA: It's kind of you to invite me in

LyriCCC: Our pleasure Bill!

BillA: I have spent the last 9 years helping people in their recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. I'm here to answer questions about drugs and alcohol addiction and recovery. Who has a question? Please type a "?" and LyriCCC will call on you in turn.

LyriCCC: elit, is that a question?

doris: Bill may I ask where you are located and what the policy is on the use of drugs? I mean is the use of them a criminal offence?

BillA: Doris, I'm in private practice in the San Francisco Bay area. my preference is a "no use" policy. Does that answer your question, doris?

doris: Not really. I was wondering about the state policy?

BillA: Doris, the state policy for teens. cigarettes are legal after 18, alcohol is legal after 21. Does that answer your question, Doris.?

doris: Leave it at that for now thanks bill.

teapy: can u talk about co-dependence?

BillA: Teapy, very much so. Being co-dependent is when you don't take care of yourself in a relationship with somebody using drugs- including alcohol. Is there a reason you are asking this particular question, teapy?

teapy: First hand experience.

BillA: Teapy, is there a way I can help you be clearer for yourself?

teapy: I'ii just listen thanks

LyriCCC: Thanks for being here, teapy!

BillA: Teapy, co-dependents get just as bogged down as addicts. They are so concerned about others that they forget their own needs.

teapy: True

BillA: Often it takes a non-co-dependent person to point this out, and usually you will see you are wanting love or attention from others.

ExtraRed: BillA, in your private practice are you seeing more and more younger people with addiction problems?

BillA: ExtraREd- absolutely I am! Mostly addicted to pot and speed.

Hart1296: drugheads must die

Platypus: Hart, I'm sorry you feel that way, but I'm sure if you stick around, you'll change your mind


Victoria: I'm on drugs RAIN1 so keep your mouth shut!

Victoria: ok??

cam: To prevent the next generation from cigarette smoking, log on

BillA: Victoria, how long have you been using?

Victoria: Oh, about 1 year or so

BillA: Victoria, have you ever tried to get help?

Victoria: yeah

BillA: Victoria, what have you done, and what worked and didn't work?

Victoria: I did drugs again

Victoria: nevermind

LyriCCC: Victoria, what have you done to stop using? and what worked and what didn't?

BillA: Victoria, what drugs are you using and do you use alone or with friends?

Victoria: I do them to help fight away from flashbacks

Victoria: pot crack etc etc

BillA: Victoria, are you interested in getting real help?

Victoria: Sometimes.

Victoria: I'll still see a therapist. I do drugs with my boy friend

BillA: Victoria,have you tried 12 step programs and have you ever seen a doctor about your addction?

Victoria: Help...........

Athlete23: Who's Bill Arigi?

LyriCCC: Athlete, he is a psychotherapist who is our guest this evening

teapy: Talk to us Victoria

Victoria: yes I seen a dr and still do

BillA: Victoria, sometimes crack can change your brain chemicals in a way that you need help in re-adjusting them Sometimes with medication, sometimes through nutrition

Victoria: I got many many problems more than you know of

BillA: I know, Victoria. Victoria, there are a lot of people struggling like you are. If you keep talking and asking for help it will come. good luck!

KIEFER1: what is Ativan and what is it used for?

BillA: Keifer... Ativan is a benzodiazepine. It's used for treating axiety and for sleeping, and it is VERY addictive. ativan and alcohol are the only 2 substances you can DIE from in withdrawing from them.

BillA: Kiefer, getting the info you need?

Top: Why is acid so fun?

Victoria: Acid gets you crazy in the mind and its fun

KIEFER1: are tremors a withdrawal?

BillA: Kiefer, yes- mostly from alcohol.

Top: Its completely crazy I love it

LyriCCC: Kiefer, are you asking because you are in withdrawal from Ativan?

KIEFER1: No- I have this friend.

KIEFER1: it is really not me

BillA: Kiefer, the best thing you can do.. is to tell your friend to get medical help right away!

LyriCCC agrees- I went through Ativan withdrawal once upon a time!

BillA: Kiefer, any other question?

kolo: Bill, what kind of therapy do you use for alcohol addiction?

BillA: kolo, it depends on how long you've been using and how much you've been using. If you can quit without withdrawal I would do relationship therapy along with. 12 step support.

kolo: would do you mean by relationship therapy?

BillA: kolo, I mean getting real with another person.

CCCorinth: You mentioned that you see a lot of people who use marijuana. Is it possible to get addicted to marijuana, and what are the characteristic behaviors of marijuana addicts?

BillA: CCCorinth- yes it is possible to get addicted to pot. You can tell by tolerance which means they mean more to get high, and withdrawal meaning they can't go a long period of time without using. A,nd more importantly, their ability to relate to their family and friends diminishes.

doris: Motivation is a big one there Bill

BillA: CCCorinth, does that help?

doris: pot users dont really want to do much

CCCorinth: Bill- yes thanks :)

BillA: Doris I don't understand your comment.

LyriCCC: doris, would you care to clarify that remark before we go on?

doris: I mean that a clear symptom of somebody who uses a lot of pot is that it effects their motivation to do eg schoolwork- they often become 'drop-outs'

BillA: Doris, you're right. Lack of motivation is a sign of marijuana use.

doris: Yes, and one of the major sad side effects of it I believe

teapy: Please explain the difference between Addiction and Useage.

LyriCCC: Excellent question, teapy/!

BillA: Teapy, good question. Usage is when you are deciding what to use and why. Addiction is when other people OR the drugs are deciding to use you! Got that, teapy?

doris: Like cigarettes . ;-(

BillA: Yes, doris

weirdo5: Addiction is when you can't stop

BillA: I'm finding more and more teens wishing they didn't like cigarettes.

doris: Not only teens. Sigh

clemaTIS: True doris

sassymc: addiction is when you can't, won't and don't want to stop

ExtraRed: Do you think that we are starting education early enough in schools for drugs

BillA: ExtraRed, education should start in 5th and 6th grade. The reason why is that older kids are starting to use with younger kids, and younger kids don't really understand the dangers.

doris wonders why drugs such as marijuana, which are relatively 'harmless' are illegal, while potentially life threatening drugs such as Ativan can be freely prescribed by the medical profession to people who may not understand the full side effects of them?

BillA: doris, great question!!! Legality is a side issue from addiction. I have no control over the legal world, but marijuana can be just as life-threatening as Ativan.

doris: But many people trust their doctors, yet they are given what is basically poison. Why?

BillA: doris, some medications are deadly to some, and life-saving to others. They need to be monitored by a physician. I think all doctors could benefit from additional addiction training.

doris: Agreed.

doris: I am being very Cynical bill. I sometimes believe a lot of money is made from prescribing certain drugs.

BONEspike: Hi, I'm an addict. Been clean for going on four years now. I was just wondering what you suggest as a pressure reliever? (such as in peer pressure and normal addiction pressure)

LyriCCC: Excellent question, BONEspike!

BillA: Great question, Bonespike! Create your own pressure. Hang out with non-users and winners!

tyger_lily: I smoke and have been for 3 years..

BillA: Smoke what, tyger?

tyger_lily: well- cigarettes and

BillA: tyger, do you want to not smoke anymore?

tyger_lily: No I like to...nope. But I never got addicted. So why dont I get addicted like other people? Am I just special or something?

BillA: tyger, good question. There is such a thing as "addictive personality". My guess is that you have a strong self-esteem AND haven't used enough nicotine yet.

tyger_lily: For 3 years?

BillA: tyger, have you tried quitting?

tyger_lily: No I dont want too

BillA: tyger, what makes you think you're not addicted?

tyger_lily: because when I run out I can wait for more

CCCorinth was very successful at quitting smoking- he did it every day for thirty years

LyriCCC: lol CCCorinth!

doris: lol CCCorinth ....;-)

tyger_lily: but I really dont I just do it. I guess its really hard to explain but I can without wanting more

tyger_lily is not old enough to buy them

BillA: tyger,that doesn't make you not addicted as long as you have an interest for more cigs you can be addicted. addiction is not just physical, it's also a psychological need.

kolo: Some people are advocating the legalized use of marijuana to relieve pain caused by serious illness. Do you feel that marijuana has any role in such situations?

BillA: kolo, for the terminally ill there is a pill form of marijuana that relieves the symptoms. In California this past November, we passed a law allowing doctors to prescribe marijuana.

apeboy: Are you of the opinion that cigarette ads targeted at juveniles are effective?

BillA: Apeboy, absolutely!

BONEspike: Can you briefly describe the 12step program?

BillA: Bonespike, the 12 step program is a self-help group based on people helping other people. There are traditions and steps other people have followed to help people stay clean.

BONEspike: great answer!!

Isle-of-Pa: Ive traveled the world and I believe alcohol to be the greatest addiction in the US. Why is it down played so much?

BillA: Isle of Palms, you are absolutely right about alcohol in the US. Locally we try NOT to play it down because it is legal.

clemaTIS thinks alcohol just about in every country

BillA: Right, clemaTIS!

usher15: I am kinda of getting addicted to marijuana. I am having fun with it but

usher15: know it is doing bad stuff to me

BillA: Usher, what bad stuff?

usher15: Well, the side affects

BillA: The deal with marijuana is that it interrupts the normal emotional development usher, what's happening?

usher15: Should I quit, or continue?

BillA: Usher... duh!!!

usher15: But I kinda can't

apeboy: How do you believe the problem of drinking and driving can be resolved?

BillA: usher15, what's happening with you and your side effects?

usher15: angry, forget things more, slower reactions sometimes

CCCorinth: usher- they are the classic feelings

usher15: How would you go about telling me to quit it

BillA: usher, you've got to want to. Look at your life. Is it going the way you want it to go?

usher15: Some of it is. It is when I am high or something

BillA: I don't know ANYBODY'S life that has improved from using marijuana Usher, you're addicted.

usher15: I think I might be. I do it from time to time. Not always

BillA: usher, how are you going to get help?

usher15: I dont know. I am not real bad though

BillA: usher have you ever been to a 12 step meeting?

usher15: No, I am not sure what that is

BillA: Usher, you may not think you're real bad now, but it only gets worse and harder to stop. usher, look up AA in your phone book.

usher15: yeah

BONEspike has been to 12step meetings. Helped out a bunch

BillA: or you can call 1 (800) 253-1334 Real easy to call. Free too!

tyger_lily: better write that down

usher15: yeah

BillA: Good luck!

LyriCCC: That number was 1 (800) 253-1334

BillA: Good BoneSpike.. thanks for the plug on 12 step programs!

doris: Bill, is it not possible

doris: to use marijuana like alcohol, on occasion and for recreational use?

BillA: Doris, I've seen people try. I personally have not enjoyed their company.

doris: You mean its never ok to enjoy a glass of wine or a joint with friends?

chinito: Is everyone anti-drug here?

LyriCCC: chinito, feel free to listen for a bit to find out

BillA: Doris, first of all smoking a joint is illegal, and wine may be too, depending on your age. Do you want to risk the consequences?

doris: Not in every country Bill.

BillA: Doris, that is true. But that doesn't mean that the health risks aren't still present.

doris: Well I have been enjoying both on occasion for over 20 years

BillA: Doris, to what benefit does smoking a joint do? Do you need help in relating?

doris: Well its much the same as a glass of wine for me. Although I dont smoke it much these days, nor do I drink wine. Much

simpko: I don't really care about the illegal part of drugs, everyone breaks the law, I just don't think smoking pot, etc, is worth the consequences

herbaby: I'd smoke a joint when ever I want to, Bill or whatever your name is

bruin1: dont be over dramatic Bill

chinito: I am out of here. all this talk has given me green cravings

oCCCtave: herbaby, Bill isn't telling you not to smoke, he's telling you what can be done about stopping if you make the decision to stop.

BillA: LyriCCC, your question?

LyriCCC: Bill, I do have what I think is a pretty important issue to raise. Teens are more likely to have sex when they and their partner have been drinking and/or using drugs. How do alcohol and other drugs increase the risks in having sex?

BillA: LyriCCC, most drugs are mood altering in a way that dampens your decision making ability. LyriCCC does that answer your question?

LyriCCC: yes, Bill, thanks!

usher15: Hi, my name is usher and I smoke marijuana. I stopped for 6 months, then now I do it 2 times a week now. I am only 15

ju-ju: Has anyone here never done drugs?

LyriCCC: Yes, ju ju, and you need to join us next week to chat about it because we are about out of time for today!

CCCorinth: usher- here are some of the things that happen if you are addicted and continue to smoke- emotional immaturity, lung disease, social marginalization, problems with the law

LyriCCC: Bill, do you have any closing comments? After doris's that is?

CCCorinth: Take it or leave it

usher15: ok got ya partner

Isle-of-Pa: If its not a novelty why would indulge?

LyriCCC: Bill, do you have some closing comments for us?

BillA: In closing, I've seen a lot of people's lives damaged by occasional use of drugs, as well as addiction. I just want people to be able to make CLEAR choices.

LyriCCC: */*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*

LyriCCC: Thanks for being with us this evening.

LyriCCC: . Join us here on Saturday

LyriCCC: . at 5pmPT, 8pmET for

LyriCCC: The InSite Drop In Center

LyriCCC: A place to discuss addiction and recovery

LyriCCC: in a nonjudgmental setting.

LyriCCC: */*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*

LyriCCC: .Thanks to our guest, Bill Arigi, for

LyriCCC: .being with us this evening!

LyriCCC: .Be here at 7PT, 10ET for a session

LyriCCC: .with The InSite's own advice columnist,

LyriCCC: . Terra!

LyriCCC: */*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*

BillA: Thanks everyone for having me here and for being here and participating!

LyriCCC: A special thank you to some friends who attended this evening and were an important part of this conference!

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