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Conference:Planned Parenthood: Birth Control Options
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Friday, 26th February, 1998

with Sandra Nevarez of Planned Parenthood

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VenusCCC: o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o

VenusCCC: Welcome to TheInSite!

VenusCCC: Our guest tonight is Sandra Nevarez:

VenusCCC: from Planned Parenthood who will be talking to us

VenusCCC: about:

VenusCCC: Birth Control Options:

VenusCCC: What's best for you and your partner?

VenusCCC: Join our discussion and feel free to ask questions!

VenusCCC: o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o

VenusCCC: .

VenusCCC: o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o

VenusCCC: Planned Parenthood is a nationwide organization

VenusCCC: dedicated to educating people about sex, sexuality

VenusCCC: and their bodies. Their clinics offer many services -

VenusCCC: from HIV testing to yearly exams to counseling and

VenusCCC: more. To find out more information, you can look

VenusCCC: at their web site at:


VenusCCC: o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o

VenusCCC: Welcome Sandra! Glad you're here! Do you have any opening comments for us?

Sandra: Every year in the US, there's about 1 million teen pregnancies which is about 2800 per day

VenusCCC: Wow Sandra!

VenusCCC: How many are those unwanted?

Sandra: Do you think teens are educated enough to prevent unwanted pregnancies?

PIXIE3: umm about 2799 probably

VenusCCC: I guess it depends how many of those 2800 a day are unwanted, Sandra

PIXIE3: I think "unplanned " is the better word- once you see your baby very few don't "want it"

Sandra: True. But most teens don't use a form of Birth Control in the first year of being sexually active

VenusCCC: Wow Sandra! Even with all the known risks of unprotected sex??

Sandra: Yes, many teens feel that they are not at risk. It can only happen "to others"

PIXIE3: well, in the heat of the moment you're hardly thinking about babies- much less an STD

VenusCCC: What naive thinking, Sandra!

PIXIE3: but this is a teens chat room

Sandra: Pixie-that's the point. Teens as well as adults are not practicing safe sex

VenusCCC: Why fathom that, Canine :-)

aerosmith2: and young adults

Sandra: They get involved in the heat of the moment and don't think of the possible consequences- which in some cases are fatal-for example- every hour two teens in the US are infected with HIV

PIXIE3: If your best friend's getting pregnant and you have to see them quit their lives and become adults isn't going to stop us from having sex- I don't think a bunch of 40 year olds are

VenusCCC: With such the high risk, what do you recommend people do to prepare for that "heat of the moment"?

aerosmith2: Try to remember protection

indri: I would suggest they exercise self control, Venus

Sandra: I had a question for everyone-Is anyone sexually active?

VenusCCC: Yes, Sandra

CCCanine raises a paw

CCCanine: But we're married, Venus :o)

Erin: not I

indri: I'm' m still not married

VenusCCC: True, Canine - but I was sexually active for years before becoming married

VenusCCC: (and the marriage is a recent thing ;-)

CCCanine: I was too: but I was on the pill before I had sex for the first time

CCCanine: True, Venus

VenusCCC: Ah, I wasn't that wise, Canine

CCCanine: and I went out with my partner for 6 mths before we had sex too

VenusCCC: What about the rest of you.. anyone else sexually active? (I promise.. won't tell your folks..)

indri: Do you think it helped your marriage venus?

CCCanine: what, sex?

CCCanine: lol

VenusCCC: Indri... well, I do go off on a rant regarding that, but right now we are talking about birth control options.. not my sex life :-)

indri: I meant having sex before you were married?

Sandra: For those who are sexually active, are you using any form of birth control method

VenusCCC: Yes, Sandra .. I use the pill

CCCanine: me too

Sandra: and if so, which one. Also, it's a good idea to protect yourself by using a condom when using hormonal or spermicidal methods.

CCCanine: I'm on a low dose pill just now cos I'm still breastfeeding my baby, but I'll be moving up to the regular one from next month

DJDoug: What is the best birth control option?

VenusCCC: Great question, Doug!

CCCanine: different options for different people/circumstances, DJ

Sandra: For teens I would suggest using at least 2 forms and it depends on the individual

DJDoug: What two forms do you suggest?

CCCanine: That sure makes you think seriously about having sex with someone!

Sandra: for women using a hormonal method such as the pill, norplant or depo/provera will only help prevent pregnancies, but not against STIs (Sexually transmitted infections)

FlowerBabe: I say keep your pants on til you are ready for the responsibility of a kid just in case

Sandra: Also if a women wants to take the pill and she is not the type to remember to take a pill everyday-then that form of birth control will probably not work for her

VenusCCC: lol Sandra.. it has taken me a long time to remember to take mine daily

VenusCCC checked into Norplant, but was hesitant

Sandra: Flowerbabe2, I totally agree. But how many of you teens can do that? Especially if you're partner says they will leave you if you don't have sex?

TISPhreak: why is that VenusCCC?

FlowerBabe: if you don't want responsibility to have a baby don't have sex

DJDoug: Can a woman become immune to the pill?

CCCanine: lol Sandra, rare souls like me: I was 21 before I had sex

TISPhreak: good question DJDoug!

CCCanine: I've never heard of that, DJ

TISPhreak: Me either CCCanine

VenusCCC: Well Sandra- personally if they will leave you if you don't have sex with them, you should leave THEM first :-)

Sandra: DJdoug- No, you cannot become immune nor sterile

TISPhreak: agreed VenusCCC :)

DJDoug: Thanks

Sandra: That's right Venus

CCCanine: She said if your boyfriend says "If you love me, you'll have sex", the appropriate response if you're not ready to yet is "if you love me, you'll wait"

Sandra: That's right CCCanine, but what about those teens who don't have enough self esteem to do that. Remember there are many teens who have not yet developed a sense of self respect. They're still forming their identity and trying to be accepted by others.

VenusCCC: Phreak, I like the benefits my body gets from the Pill. Perhaps Sandra could explain some of them for the rest of the crowd ?

TISPhreak: I see VenusCCC :)

TISPhreak: well said Sandra

DJDoug: There are few teens that I know who have not had sex

typo: DJDoug..that's a very good thing

VenusCCC: Aaah.. and to be accepted in some cases means to be 'loved' and to be loved in a lot of peoples eyes is to be sexually active

CCCanine: I have 2 daughters, and my counsel to them will be to leave sex until they're out of high school!

typo: Well, CCCanine, my mother was the same way, but I think it was because she was so adamant about me *not* having sex before I got out of high school that made me want to do it

VenusCCC: Sandra, why do you think people are so hesitant to explore and use the proper method of birth control for their life?

DJDoug: Sorry you missed my statement there are not many teens whom I know that have not had sex

FlowerBabe: can birth control have bad side affects?

typo: FlowerBabe2.. oh yes!

CCCanine: That's changed a lot in the last 15 or so years since I was a teen, DJ (I'm 32). Most of my friends back then were NOT sexually active

Sandra: With all the pressures youth face today including what our society shows through the media, through music, etc. will your teens know how to turn away from sex until they're out of high school?

typo: Flowerbabe, I have Norplant, and I have lots of side effects, but I would *never* give up what I get with Norplant

FlowerBabe: dj I have not had sex so now you know one person. I am 14

TISPhreak: It's a fair pay off you think, typo?

DJDoug: You are right canine i'm 21 and there's only a rare few of teen friends of mine who have not had sex

typo: yes, TISPhreak ;-)

TISPhreak: DJDoug, very similar situation here :)

DJDoug: 14 is kind of young for sex

typo: I think it all depends on the maturity level, DJ ;-)

TISPhreak: well said DJDoug. Perhaps having the *right* to do something doesn't mean that you *should* in all cases :)

CCCanine: Sandra, can you explain some of the pros and cons of the hormonal contraceptives please? The pill, Norplant, Depo/Provera etc.

DJDoug: Your right typo

Sandra: Pros-higher percentage of effectiveness, less messy, prevents pregnancies if used correctly up to 99.7 % effective. Abstinence is the only form of BC that is totally effective. Cons-some women experience side effects, women forget to take them. Males can not determine whether or not their partner is taking them and they don't prevent the transmission of STIs

Sandra: Side effects include head aches, nausea/vomiting, chest pain, arm/leg pain, puffiness weight gain. dizziness

DJDoug: What is the youngest age a girl can get pregnant?

typo: DJ,,as soon as she gets her menstrual cycle

CCCanine: What sort of side effects? And I guess that depends on the individual?

Sandra: Yes it does differ from person to person. There's also different types of BC pills and dosages that can be administered.

CCCanine: thanks, Sandra

DJDoug: At what age can a girl get pregnant?

Sandra: As soon as she is capable of releasing eggs from the ovaries, which may happen before her first menstrual cycle. And that can begin as early as 8 years old.

VenusCCC: wow!

CCCanine: Believe me, folks, I work in ParentChat and I've talked to plenty of scared, pregnant, 12 to 14 year olds!

TISPhreak: 8??? wow!

CCCanine: I think 11 was the youngest I've met

TISPhreak: that's amazing CCCanine

Sandra: Maybe even earlier

VenusCCC has met a pregnant 10 year old

CCCanine: scares me silly - why are kids that young having sex???

typo: I have a list of the newest specifications on how "good" everything on the market is today. Norplant = 99.9% effective; Injectibles = 99.7% = female sterilization = 99.6% ; Copper IUD = 99.2; hormonal IUD = 98%; the pill= 97%; mini pill = 97%; male condom = 88% ; diaphragm & spermicide = 82%; fertility awareness = 80%; spermicide = 79%; female condom = 79%.. AND.. starting in 2000, they are coming out with a WHOLE bunch of new male fertility methods! *yay*

Sandra: Thanks typo

CCCanine: great, typo, thanks!

CCCanine: female sterilization is not 100% successful?

typo: nope, CCCanine

VenusCCC: Really, Typo? Last I read only two were approved by FDA testing (Monday night, I think) .. injectibles and pill form

VenusCCC: Thanks, Canine

VenusCCC: Sandra, why do you think people are so hesitant to explore and use the proper method of birth control for their life?

DJDoug while working for NBC had a employee friend who had a 10 year old girl who was pregnant

typo: nope, Venus. There's 6 that are going through the FDA now from Europe.. They all look really neat too!!

CCCanine: sheesh

Sandra: Laziness, fear, don't think it will happen to them, don't want others think they're sexually active, don't want to go to health facility, don't want parents to find out. Let's ask you guys out there. Are any of you sexually active and using or not using BC methods?

TISPhreak: good points Sandra

VenusCCC: Well, we already know my answer of yes to both

VenusCCC: What about the rest of you?

DJDoug: My girlfriend is on the pill

Sandra: Are you using condoms?

DJDoug: Sometimes. I know I'm stupid but hey

Sandra: I'm sorry that was for you DJDoug. And were either of you sexually active before you were together?

DJDoug: I wasn't and she said she wasn't I believed her of course

Sandra: How can you risk being wrong?

DJDoug: I've been to the doctor and she's going next week we plan on getting married

CCCanine: good for you, DJ

TISPhreak: Congratulations Doug!

DJDoug: Thanks

Sandra: Congratulations! Doug. The problem is that many of the STIs including HIV may not appear and be detected at the time of testing.

CCCanine: one last question, Sandra. I'm curious about the long term hormonals: Norplant and DepoProvera etc. How SAFE are they? We've heard how reliable they are, but how safe are they?

Sandra: As far as we are aware of there has not been any clear indications of long term health problems related to depo and Norplant

CCCanine: Oh good!

VenusCCC: But that is GREAT news, Sandra!

VenusCCC: __

VenusCCC: I'd like to thank Sandra for being here.

VenusCCC: .

VenusCCC: For more information on Planned Parenthood,

VenusCCC: please check out their web site:


VenusCCC: .

VenusCCC: And don't forget TheInSite's web page at:


VenusCCC: __

TISPhreak: thanks VenusCCC, been a great conference! :)

VenusCCC: Sandra - I'm very sorry about the server difficulties, and hope you will come back again! :-)

TISPhreak: yes Sandra, thanks for being our guest!

DJDoug: Thank you Sandra

Sandra: Venus can I just say that teens can receive free condoms and various BC methods

CCCanine: And thanks to everyone for keeping cool in the face of server problems

VenusCCC: Yup! I have used Planned Parenthood since I was 14 years old folks.. they are an awesome group and awesome people :-)

CCCanine: wow!

TISPhreak: kewl VenusCCC :)

Sandra: if they call one of our health centers at 1 800 230-plan

VenusCCC: Great, Sandra ! Thank you!

Sandra: Thanks everyone!Chat again soon!

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