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Conference: Viewpoint
The following transcript was recorded on

Friday 27th February, 1998

with Paul Corson, author of 'Touched By God'

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VenusCCC: o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o

VenusCCC: Welcome to TheInSite as we present

VenusCCC: Viewpoint

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VenusCCC: Our guest tonight is Paul Corson

VenusCCC: .

VenusCCC: Paul is a pharmacist in Philadelphia who has addressed

VenusCCC: many groups of AIDS victims, counseled numerous

VenusCCC: individuals and families on death and dying, and has

VenusCCC: received the Hal McCracken Award for extraordinary

VenusCCC: services to those with AIDS.

VenusCCC: .

VenusCCC: Paul is also the author of 'Touched By God' , from which

VenusCCC: a passage is read during the opening of the AIDS Quilt Exhibit.

VenusCCC: He is here today to talk to us about spirituality, and the

VenusCCC: visions he has had since he was a child.

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VenusCCC: Paul, it's great to meet you - do you have anything you would like to say before we start?

PaulCorson: I would like to welcome everyone here and hope the information will make easier for us to live our lives better and make this a better world for us all

VenusCCC: Paul, you are involved in some really remarkable things! How did you get involved in counseling, and giving talks to those with AIDS?

PaulCorson: They came into my pharmacy and there was a connection with individuals suffering to that extent. It was a connection of responsibility that I felt. There was a book I read titled "Altruism" which dealt with individuals in the Second World War, lived in Nazi occupied lands and who risked their lives to help persecuted people

VenusCCC: Ah yes, I have heard many great things about that book, Paul.

PaulCorson: It is a wonderful book that all should read

VenusCCC: Paul, what prompted you to write your book?

LIGHTBODY: Paul, what do you think of "Conversations with God"?

PaulCorson: I believe I was inspired by a force greater than man

VenusCCC: Paul, that certainly is a tantalizing comment. Can you explain in more detail what you mean?

PaulCorson: When you are touched by a higher power there is no question about the source. You know it is not a temporal source because of the information you are receiving There are things that you think you know but when you ponder on what you think you know there is always question of whether it is true

LIGHTBODY: Have you read "Conversations with God"?

LuckyLucia: I believe that to be reality, Paul

PaulCorson: I know of the story

LIGHTBODY: Your thoughts?

PaulCorson: I have read parts of it and do not think that God spoke to the author to write three books

LuckyLucia: In order to clearly move ahead you must stay focused on what ever it is that you want to attain, if you lose focus, you lose ground

LIGHTBODY: But aren't we all God?

PaulCorson: Yes we are!

LIGHTBODY: So he can write through us...

PaulCorson: I do believe that God does write through people While we write through God we write through the filter of our experiences so the truth is not higher truth but are personal truths

VenusCCC: Hmm... interesting, Paul

LIGHTBODY: Still god though don't you think?

VenusCCC: So no matter where the inspiration is coming from, we are coloring what we write by our own self?

PaulCorson: And so are self serving and frankly we are sick and tired of self serving individuals because they do not serve. They primarily serve themselves and do not make this a better world

LuckyLucia: I agree Paul

VenusCCC: Wow Paul! Strong sentiments

PaulCorson: Yes I have been known to have strong sentiments but these are my beliefs

VenusCCC: Thanks, Paul

LIGHTBODY: We who paul?

VenusCCC: Paul, you must see a lot of death and dying. How do you cope with it?

LIGHTBODY: Paul, who is the we that is tired of self seeking?

PaulCorson: I have held people in my arms who literally had days to live, and what I have spoken to them about, the next level, has made them happy and anxious to leave this physical dimension, because they are vividly aware of what awaits them

VenusCCC: Do you find that people who are close to death know something that most of us don't, Paul?

PaulCorson: Yes, absolutely. It seems that those who are close to death, because of the nurturing nature of God become very spiritual people We are talking about people that are close to death that are clearly at the next level, who are more clearly aware of the next level.

VenusCCC: And how did you become aware of this next level, Paul?

LIGHTBODY: I see. That makes sense. My brother did that 4 years ago. He died of AIDS

PaulCorson: I have had more than three transcendent experiences in my life. I have been called a shomin ( a person aware of things not seen). My writing has been identified as expressions of higher truth by Dr Gregory Alles Chariman of the religion and philosophy department at Western Maryland College

VenusCCC: Paul, for the less literate of us, what do you mean by transcendent experiences?

PaulCorson: It is when you are taken from the normal way you receive information, to receive it in a way that transcends this normal process, because instead of hearing a chord of information as we usually hear it -- it is a symphony


stagger^: OK paul do you do classes of any kind and can you tell us what you have people visualize?

PaulCorson: Not at the present time but I am open to invitations

VenusCCC: Paul, so what you have experienced is often known as "visions" ?

PaulCorson: This is my coming out online!

PaulCorson: Yes

VenusCCC: Is it possible for you to describe what they are, and are like to us?

PaulCorson: You really need to qualify what you are visualizing

VenusCCC: Are they aural, visual?

PaulCorson: They are beyond aural and visual. They have a sense of infinite truth about them.

VenusCCC: Are they about a topic, Paul, or do they just leave you with a sense of... something?

PaulCorson: Yes the whole thrust of what I receive is not self serving. it is to make our lives more meaningful and to make our existence after our leaving the physical plane one of everlasting joy and glory!

VenusCCC: They sound powerful, Paul! :-)

PaulCorson: They really are powerful Venus!

MarsCCC: you've mentioned a "next level", something beyond the existence we know. Is this something you can describe?

PaulCorson: Yes. I have had the wonderful fortune of experiencing heaven on one occasion which is clearly described in my manuscript

VenusCCC: Paul, going back to your work with those who are dying or grieving a death.

VenusCCC: How do you incorporate what you know into your counseling?

VenusCCC: Do you find that they are always willing to listen?

PaulCorson: I tell them what exists. It is like a child who is going to camp for the first time. Because they are not sure what awaits them but when he meets someone who has been in the camp, and knows what the camp is like they are most happy, even anxious to experience a more full existence. Do they listen? Absolutely! Because intuitively they know that I speak the truth

VenusCCC: Have you always had such a firm conviction and sureness of belief in your faith, or is this something that has developed over time?

PaulCorson: My faith has been increasingly growing because of the extraordinary experiences that have happened to me

MarsCCC: Do you identify with any religious group, or simply follow your spirituality on your own?

PaulCorson: Last October I had a very clear vision of a beam of light that came from the clouds, which gave me profound information about the nature of the composition of God. This knowledge can benefit us by our making this a better world. As for religion- none Mars. I never followed a group or had any religious convictions I do not follow spirituality on my own because I follow what I receive, what is given to me

VenusCCC: Paul, if you had the ability to address the entire world at once and have their full attention, what would you say?

PaulCorson: I would say whatever we do because of our connection with God is being judged by a power that is beyond our comprehension. Nevertheless, we will be judged by the quality of our actions and will be rewarded for our good choices and certainly- and held responsible for those actions which have harmed any of God's creation

VenusCCC: Great Paul.

VenusCCC: Paul, before we close- could you tell us more about your book?

PaulCorson: I have read sections of "Conversations with God", "Embraced by the Light", "Celestine Prophecy" and I believe that these 3 books fall in the category of more of the same. They do not cause us to have a greater awareness of the infinite existence which we are a part. That is what I try to do in my book.

PaulCorson: Thank you for joining this discussion! I want to thank you all for being here

VenusCCC: Thank you for being with us today, Paul - it was certainly very interesting!

VenusCCC: ... let's give our guest a big round of applause!

VenusCCC: .

VenusCCC: Thank you for being here today, Paul!

PaulCorson: Thank you!!!!!!

VenusCCC: And thanks to Mars for helping out on short notice ;-)

PaulCorson: I hope to return again sometime in the future!

VenusCCC: That would be wonderful, Paul!

PaulCorson: Ok all thank you all!

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