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How to cut down on pollution and save your breath.

Living creatures can't hire lawyers, so they need us to protect them.

Care about trees and the creatures who live in them? Someone better.


We can't
make more
of it, but
we can
change the
way we
use what
we've got.

Spaceship Earth selections (use text links at the bottom of the screen) Make some
noise and
see what
your power
can do.

Let's hear it for the environmental warriors!

We're burying the world in garbage! Time for a change.

If you love the beach, check out these ways to keep it cool.

If this weren't the only planet we had, it wouldn't matter...

but it is...

and it does.

We know polluting factories do more damage to the environment than kids tossing soda cans out car windows. But Hey! We're not talking to factory owners, we're talking to you! There are plenty of ways you can help the Earth, cause thats what it really comes down to. And one person can make a difference.
Where do you want to start?

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