Entry #1: What am I doing here?


I've been at Sandale for two weeks and I finally got a potentially challenging assignment! Ms. Phipps, our English teacher, is having us write a short play and perform it! That's great, but instead of each of us writing our own play... we actually have to do this as a group project! (Shakespeare didn't have writing partners, so why do I need them?) To make things worse, she put me with: Dee, Chaz and Miguel!!!! Of course, I can see right through Ms. Phipps' reasoning. Since this is a project about "Making Connections" and Chaz, Dee, Miguel and I just transferred here, our inspired teacher thinks it would be "interesting" for us to work together. Interesting... yeah right! I think I would use another word... like "catastrophic"!

So we have to write a play about creating relationships and being an Insider vs. being an Outsider. Then we have to put it on for the class. And during all of this we have to keep a journal about the development of our own relationships within the group. No one will see the journals except her, so we can freely express our feelings and examine what's involved in building trust and breaking down walls between people. Great, except for the fact that the walls between me and these other guys are so thick there's no way I can break them... not that I'd even want to. Our first assignment is to write down our impressions of the other people. Okay, Ms. Phipps... this one's for you:

Dee - Ms. Party Girl. Everything she does is calculated to have an effect on the people around her. The way she talks, the way she dresses, everything! She is totally unspontaneous, uncreative and unreal.

Chaz - He is an airhead skater type. He never uses more than three words in a sentence and all of them are meaningless slang. And when he's not talking out loud, he's muttering to himself. He's either psycho or on drugs. Great writing partner, huh?

Miguel - Someone said he moved here to escape a gang in Los Angeles where he supposedly killed someone. I don't know if I actually believe that, but he sure looks like the kind of person you wouldn't want as your enemy.

What am I doing in a group with these people?!




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