Entry #2: I can't believe I lost.


We had our first meeting as a group today. It was during class so it wasn't too much of a waste of my time... except that it was a total waste of my time. There is just no way that I can imagine getting anything constructive done working with Dee, Miguel and Chaz. Not a single one of them can write and I'm beginning to realize that I may be the only one of the group who actually knows how to think! This is truly hopeless.

Since I doubt that any of the others have ever read a play (or ever even seen one) I decided to get things started. (Who else was going to do it?) I had been thinking about this whole thing and decided that it would be good if we really got into the drama of being an Outsider. I told everyone about my idea about doing a play using life sized cut out characters to represent the Insiders... and they all look the same. And they all talk together and say the same things... like a Greek chorus (which we could prerecord on tape). And the four of us could be travelers, from four different lands, who stumble across this group of Insiders. And the play would be about how they are totally closed minded and don't accept anyone who looks or thinks differently than they do. And how we, the Outsiders feel about their intolerance and we protest our treatment. Then one of the Insiders gets violent and hurts one of the Outsiders. That causes us to bond together. I think it's a brilliant idea, so I asked them what they thought.

Dee rolled her eyes and in a really nasty way said it sounded too "juvenile." Chaz said it sucked. Miguel was nodding his head when I was explaining the part about the foreigners and the violence. So I thought he understood what I was talking about and liked the idea. But when Dee asked him what he thought of it, he just shrugged and said he didn't get it.

Talk about being closed minded! The whole thing made me really mad but I didn't let them know. I just calmly shrugged, as if I didn't care, and asked if any of them if they had any ideas of what we could do instead.

Dee described this "Clueless" type play that she thought would be great. And it would star...guess who? And I would be this "super dork" who wants to go to this school dance but doesn't know how to dress or make herself look good. (Sounds like Cinderella. Pretty juvenile, huh?) Then Dee's character gives the dork a super make-over and sets her up with her boyfriend's cousin. Chaz is the cousin. And Miguel plays Dee's boyfriend.

It sounded so lame I felt like laughing, but I didn't because that would be really rude. Besides, I couldn't believe she was serious, except that she was! Then Dee gave Miguel one of her "Aren't I sexy?" looks and asked him what he thought of her idea. He smiled back and said, "Sounds good to me."

Since Chaz is always negative about everything I figured it would be a tie (me and him voting against Dee and Miguel) and we'd have to come up with another idea. But when Dee asked Chaz what he thought he said,"Cool."

I couldn't believe it! I lost 3 to 1! Dee's idea is so stupid and we're doing it anyway! It doesn't even have anything to do with the assignment. So I will be publicly humiliated and we'll all end up getting "F's." Augggggh!




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