Entry #1: They're all scared.


When I first heard about this English assignment I have to do with Miguel and Becca and Dee, I started thinking of ways to get out of it. We're supposed to write a play... I've never even seen a play, except for some Shakespeare crap that my seventh grade English class went to. There were all these old dudes standing around talking about what was wrong with this young guy. And the young guy, he stood around moaning about how unfair life was and how you can't trust anyone. Then he pretends to be crazy so he can play with people's minds and find out who's plotting against him. There was so much talking I felt like jumping up and yelling at them to do something already. So if that's supposed to be some great play... I don't get. Now I have to write a play with these other people that I don't even know and who don't know me. Jeez! I mean... I'm no writer. And there are some very cool poets who really know how to put the truth down on paper so you can't look away. but most of the stuff that's in books and comes out of people's mouths is all so fake. I like to move... fast! Not sit on my butt all day and think real hard about stuff and then try to figure out ways to put it all into words so I can tell other people. It's nobody's business what I think. Thoughts are supposed to stay in your head or they're supposed to become ideas that get you moving into action. The only thing that matters is what people do. And me... I'm moving'.

But I need to pass English to graduate so okay Ms. Phipps. The first page is supposed to be what I think about the three other people in my group.

Becca: Scared.

Dee: Scared

Miguel: Scared.

They're all too scared to take action. Too scared to be real.




The Story

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