Entry #17: A talk with JoAnn.


I had a dentist appointment at 11:30 this morning and I decided it didn't make any sense to go back to school just for lunch and a couple of periods. I mean, things with me and Becca are so weird these days that I'd almost rather not have to see her since she obviously isn't into talking to me about anything real. So after the dentist, I took a bus to the mall.

At the arcade I ran into Miguel. I heard he got into a fight with someone and that even though it wasn't Miguel's fault, the principal didn't see it that way and suspended him. I could tell that Miguel was hoping that I wouldn't bring it up, you know how sometimes you can kinda feel that a person is uncomfortable. That's how Miguel seemed to me, so I didn't mention it. I mean, it's not really my business. So instead we played Area 51, made a pretty decent team too. It was cool.

Then we went back to my house and got some food. No one was home, no one is during the day and I was just as glad. My brother is... well, strange and my mom, she thinks I have no friends (just 'cause I don't talk about them) so if she was home I just imagine she'd get into this super sweet mode where she's all interested in the person and asking them all kinds of embarrassing personal questions like "And are planning to go to college? What do you think you might study? Charlie has always been interested in science." Augggh! She's the only one who calls me Charlie and I dunno... I'd just rather not subject anyone to her nosiness if I can help it.

So luckily she wasn't there and we were just eating and hanging out, then all of a sudden Miguel said he had to go home. I felt like heading for the skate park, so I was going walk with him, but he said that he had to get home in a hurry 'cause his little brother was sick or something. It didn't make much sense to me. In fact, if I didn't know Miguel, I'd say he was lying for some reason or other.

Anyway he left and I cleaned up the kitchen stuff (don't laugh, my mom gets really pissed if I leave stuff out. It's not a pretty sight!). Then I went to the skate park, or rather, I started to go in that direction, but I ran into JoAnn. I thought, "Perfect! She's Becca friend. Maybe she can tell me what the hell is going on."

So I said hi and asked her why Becca was like practically not talking to me. And JoAnn looked uncomfortable at the question. Like she knew something but didn't exactly want to be the one to say it. Instead she said, "If I were you I'd ask Becca if she has any plans to go to London."

London? Huh? Hello? What the hell is that supposed to mean?

I asked her if she could explain what she meant, but she just said, "Ask her." And she took off.

Thanks, JoAnn, for nothing!




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