Entry #18: Along came Wendie.


So there I was, feeling kinda confused about this piece of non-information that I got from JoAnn and I'm wondering what happened to this totally great relationship I had with Becca. I must have been completely wrapped up in trying to figure things out because all of a sudden Wendie was sitting next to me and asking me how I was doing. I didn't' even hear her walk up to me or anything! It's weird when you can get that wrapped up in your thoughts that everything else in the universe just disappears and it's just you, inside your head.

Anyway, Wendie has always been really friendly to me even though she's totally popular and it makes no sense that she would want to have anything to do with someone like me. I mean, I'm not bad looking or anything, but I certainly don't hang with the popular people, and I always thought, for those kinds of people, who you are friends with is more important than who you are!

So there's Wendie, sitting kinda close to me. I could smell this perfume or something that she had on. Or maybe it was just some kinda a wonderful shampoo that she washes her hair with. Whatever it was, just inhaling it made me remember how it felt to hold her like I did at the dance. I stopped thinking about Becca and that cryptic thing that JoAnn said about London, and I started talking to Wendie. I guess we were flirting, or something. I'm never really certain what that word means. Does it mean something as obvious as "I like you and I want you to know it." Or does it mean "You seem interesting but I'm not sure how I feel about you?" Or does it just mean, "I'm a guy and you're a girl and I notice that you're noticing me." Whatever it means, I think we were doing it.

Wendie brushed her arm against my leg an she was laughing at everything I said. I have to admit, I was trying to make her laugh, so I was being especially clever. I like the sound of her laugh. It's not forced or anything, just sweet and light and... well, full of happiness. And her eyes are this amazing bluish green and since we were sitting so close and it was sunny out, I could see that there were actually little flicks of gold in her eyes too. I'm not kidding. Her eyes were bluish-green with flicks of gold. Totally amazing!

Then she asked me if I wanted to go out with her, like to a movie or something. And when she said that all of the cool stuff I was noticing about her, her laugh, her eyes, all of it, just popped out of my head and I heard myself saying. "Thanks, that's really nice of you to ask and everything. But Becca and I are kinda going out."

Wendie looked a little surprised to hear that and then she told me something that left me even more confused than the stuff JoAnn said. Wendie said, "I thought you guys broke up. Because I heard that Becca is madly in love with this older guy she met on the Internet. He's from London."

Woah! Did she say London? That's twice! Something's definitely going down here, Chazter, and it's way past time you found out exactly what it was.




The Story

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