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Entry #4: Ride it like a wave?


During our meeting in English I told everybody I changed my mind and that we should definitely do Becca's idea for the play because it was way cooler than Dee's. And Miguel agreed with me and even Dee didn't seem to care one way or the other. So now we're doing Becca's idea and she seemed really happy. It's weird when you start telling the truth. Good things happen. Like me and Becca. I can't believe I just wrote "me and Becca." I don't really know if there is  a "me and Becca" but it just felt like that, when we were talking at the mall. And again in English, when I was telling the group that I had changed my mind. She was watching me. I could feel it, even though I was trying not to look right at her. And the feeling I got was... nice.

There's a song by Dylan... "You say that something's happening but you don't know what it is. Do you, Mr. Jones?"

And I don't know what's happening, but it feels all right not to know. So I'm just going to go with it, like a wave, and ride it to shore. And not get myself all tied up in knots trying to analyze every little thing and penetrate the mysteries of the universe by gazing into some non-existent crystal ball.

I'm thinking about calling Becca up tonight and asking her if she needs any help writing the summary of the play for Ms. Phipps tomorrow. Maybe I will. And maybe if it seems like she wants me too, I could offer to come over to her house or something and help her work on it. And then when we're done, maybe she'd like to go out for coffee and I could show her this new poem I'm working on and....

Cut! What are you doing Chazz-ster?! Didn't you just say you weren't going to get all future oriented here? Remember how crazy you used to make yourself dreaming about all this stuff that you and Caitlin were going to do together and none of it ever happened? So chill, will ya? Relax that over active imagination of yours. Do yourself a favor. Don't call her. You'll see her in English tomorrow. Okay? Okay.




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