Entry #5: On the edge of nowhere.


I had lunch with Becca today and we talked about... I'm not sure I can even remember what we talked about. I guess you could say we talked about Life. And we talked about the poem I left in her locker. She liked it and said it made her feel scared and brave at the same time. Like a small child who is about to take her first step away from her parents out into the world, totally on her own. I told her that wasn't what I was thinking about or picturing in my mind when I wrote it.

The poem really came from me watching my cat, Ollie, walking around the rim of this round chair we've got in our family room. The middle of the chair is a round sunken cushion that's kinda like a nest and the whole thing is balancing on a stand. Anyway, the cat had been sleeping, all cozy, on the cushion and the phone rang and woke him up. He stretches and starts climbing up the side of the cushion out of the nest, all the way up to the rim of the chair. And as soon as he does it, the whole chair shifts on the platform. The cat looks really surprised that his world is shaking under his feet, but instead of retreating back to the safety of the nest, he is so cool, he tries the rim again. Like he's testing the chair and gravity and himself. He goes all the way to the edge and that's when the whole chair topples over, but of course, being a cat, old Ollie lands on his feet, and walks away from the scene of the crime without a scratch. Maybe for him it was just a quick trip down to the floor. Anyway, I think it's a cool attitude to have, not being afraid of the edge, not being afraid to fall.

Curving ribs

lashed tightly

TO a circular frame

IN a place

TO sit

TO retreat

INTO dreams.


seemingly safe



WITH everything


IN balance.








I read the poem again and I could see how Becca could interpret it the way she did. I never showed my poetry to anyone and she got it! I also can't remember the last time I had such a real conversation with anyone... probably never.

We're definitely communicating on a whole other level. I can't explain it any more than that. So if this whole thing, this English project, was supposed to be about making connections then Ms. Phipps is an absolute genius because I feel like Becca and I have definitely made a deep spiritual connection.




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