Chaz #20: Slam!


My head hurts. My heart is beating so fast that I'm afraid maybe it's just going to push its way right out of my chest. You're wondering what's going on. It's this note. This friggin' note that I just found in my locker from Becca.

She says she has gone to London! Can you believe that?? London!? That's just where that internet guy lives. I saw Dee and she told me that Becca was looking for me about an hour ago because she wanted to tell me something. Well, she sure didn't look all that hard. I mean, she knows my schedule and all. An hour ago I was sitting in History class. Man this sucks big time!

And now I can't even find her. So what am I supposed to do? Sit by my mailbox and wait for a postcard of Buckingham Palace or something? This really sucks!

I cut out of my last period class and went to the skate park. I didn't care who sees me or if I got busted for ditching school. I didn't give a flying crap about anything.

At the park I tried to work off some of the stuff churning inside of me. It didn't work, I was just distracted on the board. I even fell, which is something I hardly ever do! I banged my elbow. It didn't hurt all that much (or if it did I didn't notice 'cause what I was feeling was way worse.) But it was bleeding and I figured I should probably go wash it off or something. I mean with my luck, I'd probably get tetanus or some really weird infection and then maybe have to get my whole arm amputated. As you can see I was not in the most up-beat mood! So before the microbes could totally invade my body, I went over to the water fountain and rubbed some water into the cut. That's when I heard someone say, "Want a tissue to dry it off?'

I looked up. Wendie was standing there looking... well, nice.

I said, "Sure, thanks."

And she smiled when she handed me a pink perfumed tissue from out of her backpack. It smelled like the stuff you spray the bathroom with to cover up the stench of... well, you know what. Anyway, it turned out my elbow was oozing blood big time and it took four tissues to get it under control. Wendie was being really sweet and I started feeling better about what happened with Becca. Actually, I really wasn't feeling any better about Becca, I just stopped thinking about it, that was all.

Wendie and I started walking toward the park entrance together. We were talking about school and stuff and all of a sudden she said she had been wanting to see "Titanic" and did I want to go with her on Saturday? Last week I would have said, "No thanks." you know, because I had a girlfriend (or at least I thought I did.) But this week... at that moment, it was a no brainer. I said, "Sure!"

Wendie smiled and said, "I've gotta get home. Call me tonight."

I said, "Okay."

On the way out of the park, I reached into my pocket and pulled out Becca's note. I slammed it in the trash without even looking at it. I still felt mad, but not quite as crazed. It's weird the way things can get turned around so fast, isn't it?




The Story

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