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Entry #1: So I have to keep a journal...


I have to write in this journal so don't blame me if it's not great. First of all, I'm not a writer, and second of all I hate homework. Ms. Phipps, my English teacher, thinks this is going to be some "great social experiment" - whatever!  Actually if I can get passed the fact that it is homework, it might not be so bad. Nobody would believe this, but I've always wanted to keep a journal. My Grandma Webster once showed me the one she had when she was a teenager, about a million years ago, and it was totally amazing. The way she put down her feelings on the pages, in that small beautiful handwriting of hers. She said that journal had saved her life lots of times when she was feeling so down she'd soon as kill herself then have to face another day of slaving over filthy washrooms or some other totally degrading job. But then there was her journal... her private place, where she always knew she could write down her dreams of the life she was going to have some day. She said just writing them down made those dreams more real. She also said the journal made her feel like she was more real too. Sometimes I'd like to feel more real.

So the journal part might not be so bad, but I know that working on this "Making Connections" play writing project with Becca, Miguel and Chaz is going to be loads of fun. (Right.) I have no idea how to write a play. And Ms. Phipps says it's supposed to have characters in it who are "going through transitional times within themselves and with each other"... excuse me? What the hell is that supposed to mean? She also said not to worry about it because everything we do on this project is part of the process, even worrying about how we're going to do it. Like I might actually care enough to worry.

Anyway, today we're supposed to write down what we think about the other people in our group. She says not to hold back because they won't ever see it unless we show it to them. I don't care if they do see it. I'd tell them this stuff to their faces! Here goes:

Becca - She's incredibly uptight. She must think it would kill her or something if she ever smiled. Maybe she just doesn't know how to have fun. It seems like all she cares about is grades and making sure nobody's cheating off of her on tests. I don't know what's with her. She's isn't actually ugly or anything, but her hair and those clothes! I guess it doesn't matter if all she thinks about is getting into some big time college.

Miguel - He's cool but I don't know much about him, but he kinda has this attitude like "Don't mess with me." Maybe it's just an act, 'cause I've seen him joke around with a few of the girls, and he is way cute when he's relaxed and having a good time. Great brown eyes! Great ass! Working with Miguel on this project could be... interesting.

Chaz - I can't figure this guy out. I've never seen him even talk to a girl and he's not interesting enough to be gay. And tell me, please, what is the point of those pants! I think anybody who tries that hard to have the "right" look, with the shoes, and hair and the skateboard thing... which is totally juvenile... must be doing it because there's nothing underneath.




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