Dee's Journal



Entry #17: What's going on with him?


I looked for Miguel at lunch but he wasn't there. I knew he was in school because I talked to him before homeroom. I asked around and I was hearing all kinds of stories. Someone said the gym teacher had found some pot in Miguel's locker and that Miguel had said that Victor had put it there. Someone else said that Juan had jumped him and Miguel had pulled a knife and that they were both down at the police station! The stories started sounding crazier and crazier. I even heard someone say that Flora was pregnant with Miguel baby. It was driving me nuts! I had to talk to him, but he wasn't around.

So after school I went to Mi Familia  'cause I figured he might be there, but if he wasn't I could talk to Rosa her and maybe she could help me figure things out. When I got there Marita told me what had happened between Miguel and Juan. She was there so I totally believed her. I might not have believed her a few weeks ago, but tell you the truth, ever since I told Juan where to get off, Marita has been real sweet to me. So that's how I know she was telling the truth. She likes me and she told me that she thinks me and Miguel make a great couple. Anyway, when I heard that Miguel had beaten up Juan because of me, and then got himself suspended from school, it made me sooo mad. Because I had already taken care of things with Juan and I didn't like the idea of Miguel doing some macho trip to "protect his woman's honor." I just think that kind of stuff if bull and besides, what's the point? I mean who ended up suffering because of this fight? Not Juan! He probably played all innocent if anyone asked him what happened. No, it's Miguel that's suffered! Suspended! That sucks! And it goes on his permanent record and everything. He doesn't need that! He told me he wants to go to college. That kinda crap sure isn't going to help him.

It's a good thing Miguel didn't show up at the restaurant, 'cause if he had I would have told him how stupid I thought the whole thing was. Instead, I just listened to Marita and headed for the door. Rosa poked her head out of the kitchen (I guess she'd heard my voice) and she said hello and asked me if I was upset and did I want to talk about it?

Marita shot me a look that meant, "Miguel hasn't told the family so don't say anything."

I told Rosa I was just fine, not upset about anything but I had a lot of homework to do so I had to get home. I didn't mean to lie to her, but I just didn't want to be around people. Especially someone who is psychic!




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