Dee's Journal



Entry #5: The bird flew away...


I had a dream last night and it was so real that I remember everything about it when I woke up. That's never happened to me before. It was totally like watching a movie except I was in it, like real life, but it was realer than real life, if that makes any sense. I don't know. I can't explain it. But it was like I was in it and watching it all at the same time.

Weird, huh? Anyway, in this dream, Grandma Webster was sitting on a rocking chair on the front porch of some house somewhere. Nothing about the house or the place looked familiar, but even so, I felt safe there. She was holding a big sunflower, well... actually she was only holding the flower part, not the stem and she was picking the seeds out of the flower and putting them into a large blue bowl on her lap. There she was rocking and picking seeds and singing a song about a bird in a cage and a cat who never takes his eyes off of it. It had a pretty melody and it was sad. It sounded familiar, but I'm sure I've never heard it before. And there was a woman in the song, who owns the bird. And she tells it not to be afraid because as long as it stays in the cage it'll be safe. But the bird is thinking she'd rather be free and risk the danger than spend the rest of her life inside a cage. In the dream Grandma sang the song so beautifully. It was like her heart and the bird's heart and were the same so she knew exactly how it felt.

I was so happy to see Grandma and I asked her if she was all right. And Grandma said, "I'm feeling just fine, child. And so free." And then she turned into a bird! She didn't sprout wings or anything, she just changed into a bird like some special effect in a movie. And she flew away. I felt a little sad but mostly happy for her. I watched her flying until I couldn't see her any more. Then I picked up the sunflower and the bowl and sat in the rocking chair and continued picking out the seeds.

I woke up earlier than usual and while I was getting ready for school, I kept think about the dream and wondering what it all meant. I was surprised to see my dad in the kitchen since it was still pretty early. He told me that Momma had called from Los Angeles and that Grandma had died a few hours ago. I was shocked but a part of me seemed to already know she was gone. My dad hugged me and said that Grandma had had a good life, had loved lots of people and that now she was in a better place. I thought about the bird in my dream, flying and flying until she disappeared and I felt that what Dad was saying was exactly right.




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