Miguel's Journal




Entry #13: You have to be in tune with yourself.


I tried to talk to Dee but she's definitely avoiding me. It makes me wonder if maybe she does want to break up with me and she just doesn't have the guts to come out and tell me cause she doesn't want to hurt my feelings or something.

The whole thing was just taking up way too much space in my brain so I went over to see Uncle Carlos after school. It was Monday and the restaurant is closed, so I knew he'd be there. It wasn't that I wanted to tell him any of this stuff, I didn't I just wanted to get away from it and chill. Uncle Carlos is a great person to chill with. He's been through a lot in life, you know what I mean. Like his wife splitting with another guy and leaving him with Marita to take care of. But he's not bitter. No way. Uncle Carlos just believes that God's hand is in everything and things happen exactly the way they're supposed to. So why sweat it? Yeah, good advice, why sweat it?

When I got there I walked in. He never locks the door... he says that's another way that he puts his faith in God. I heard some splashing and whimpering and followed the sound to the bathroom. I knocked on the door and Carlos said, "Come on in, Miguel! I'm just giving Taco a bath!"

I went in and actually it was more like they were both getting a bath. A very wet Taco stood in the tub, looking like he was really suffering. And Uncle Carlos, even though he was sitting on the floor, was totally drenched. They were in the finally stages of the bath, so my timing was great. Taco hates to be rinsed I got to hold him (otherwise he'd jump out of the tub) while Carlos poured a bucket of warm water over him. After that all three of us were pretty soaked.

Carlos lent me a sweatshirt of his while my shirt and his shirt and pants were doing their thing in the dryer. He gave me some milk and we sat in the kitchen eating churros that could only have been made by Rosa! They were so good.

After we ate, we went into the living room. He picked up his guitar which was standing in the corner. He started to strum it and said it was way out of tune. I asked him how he could tell.

He said, when you know how things are supposed to sound, you can always tell when something's out of tune. He showed me how to tune the six strings by pressing down on the lowest string on a certain place then plucking it and the one next to it and listening to hear that they are both the same. If the second one is too low you turn the tuning key and tighten the string. That makes the note higher. If it's already too high, you turn the tuning key in the other direction and loosen the string. That makes the note lower. Then you tune the 3rd string to the 2nd one, the 4th string to the 3rd. Up to the sixth string. Then I thought, wait a minute. If all the strings are tuned to the one before it and they all start with the first string, what happened if the first string is out of tune? And how do you know if it's out of tune?

And you know what he said, "It's not all that important if the first string is out of tune, Miguel. The important part is that whole guitar is in tune with itself."

I thought about that. I wonder if he was trying to tell me something without actually saying. Or maybe he actually did say it.

Anyway, we didn't talk about much while I was there, but by the time I left, I felt much better.




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