Miguel's Journal




Entry #15: Welcome to Mi Familia


I went to Mi Familia after school to help out because one of the busboys had called in sick. When I got there Marita came running up to me all excited like. She told me that Dee had told off Juan in front of a whole bunch of kids. Marita also said she thought that Dee was very cool to stand up for her rights as a woman.

"I pray to God that I am never in such a situation, but if it were to happen, I pray also that I could stand up to the male oppressor like Dee has done."

Marita never admits that she's wrong, at least not to me in the 16 years that I've known her. But that's just what she did. She said had been a jerk to tell me to stay away from Dee. "Dee is way cooler than Flora. And even if she is black, if you love her, Miguel, then it's all right with me! I would be proud to have her in our family."

I didn't know what to say. I think it's cool that Dee stood up for herself. I'm a little sorry that I wasn't there to see it, but maybe it's just as well. If I had been there it would have been really hard for me not to get into a macho thing with Juan. I'm still so pissed at him when I think about what he did to Dee. But Dee is right. It had nothing to do with me and now that she told him off, I'm glad that she had the chance to take care of it all by herself. I'm also glad she had an audience. That's very cool!

I went into the kitchen to get the glasses and silverware so I could start setting the tables. Rosa was peeling potatoes and singing. Over her head, on the bulletin board where they keep the work schedules, the calendar and the list of supplies for the next shopping trip, was something I'd never seen before. It was a watercolor painting of a red rose in a beautiful blue vase. The petals looked like velvet and you could see where the light reflected off of the vase. The whole thing looked amazingly real but at the same time, more like a flower you remember in the dream. Something that is still fuzzy around the edges and fading fast. When I looked at Rosa she was watching me and smiling.

"You are wondering what this is?"


"It is a gift to me from my friend Dee."

"Dee gave this to you?"


"Yeah. I like it a lot."

"So do I."

Then she winked at me and went back to peeling her potatoes.




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