Miguel's Journal




Entry #2: Girls are just like that...


The English class project had its first meeting today. Me and Chaz and Dee and Becca spent about fifteen minutes talking about stuff. It turned out to be pretty weird because the girls got into a fight. I don't know, man, I don't understand chicks. I don't even think they knew what they were fighting about. With guys, we know. You get in my face, I'll push you away. But with girls, they have this very emotional stuff going on deep inside of them that makes them crazy. My sister Sophia gets like that sometimes. She just blows up and me and my little brother. It's like we do nothing to her and she just gets mad all of a sudden and starts yelling at us and crying. It's weird when it happens. It's like she becomes another person who has no control over what she's saying and doing. Afterwards, she won't say anything but she'll make us charros or something we like to eat and act really sweet. I don't say nothing because I know she feels bad. So that's the way it is with girls. But you know, it happens to guys too. Even to me. And I'm a pretty calm dude - but sometimes, when somebody says something that I don't like, like an insult to me or my family, then I just feel like something inside of me snaps, like a stick you step on cause you don't even know it's there. Then everything is a blur and look out! I don't like when that happens. I think that violent part of each of us is how people get killed. They call it the "heat of the moment." It is like heat for me, like my feelings are shooting out of me like a volcano.

Anyway, Becca had this idea for the play in English we're supposed to write. It was about foreigners not being welcome and it sounded kinda interesting to me, you know, because I understand all about being an Outsider, coming from another country and speaking a different language and all. Then Becca asked us what we thought about her idea. Right away Dee said she really didn't like it. And Chaz said he thought it sucked. Then everybody looked at me. I really thought it could be a cool play to do and I was going to say that but then Dee touched my foot under the table with her foot and gave me a look and I could tell she wanted me to say I didn't like Becca's idea either. So I just said that I didn't get it, which really wasn't true, but at that moment I wanted to make Dee happy.

Then the girls started fighting and Dee told us about her idea for a play. Something about being popular or something (which is another way to look at the Insider/Outsider thing I guess)... In her play, I get the part of her boyfriend, which could be cool. Since neither me or Chaz had any other ideas, we had to vote. Then the bell rang and I just wanted to get out of there. I voted for Dee's idea and so did Chaz. So that's the one we're doing. It's not really what I wanted but I guess it will be all right.




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