Share a Vision

You are the only one who sees the world in the unique way you do. Creating an image illuminates what is in the mind. Put it out there, so other people can appreciate your vision.
Drawing & Painting

Patricia Liu, 16
"Prawn" - May 1999 

Patricia Liu, 16
"Ethan Hawke" - April 1999 

Anton Arkhipov, 19
"Foggy Lake" - February 1999 

Geoff May, 20
Four Pieces - July 1998 

Alexa Van Daam, 17
Eight Paintings - 1998 

Vanessa Barr, 14
"Anorexic" - July 1998 


Poetry & Photography

The Men of San Anselmo Exhibit
by Fayette Fox, 17

We want your original images!

Keep the creative stuff coming! Like a kaleidescope, the Gallery's exhibits will be ever changing. Send us your original music, poems, stories, photography, drawings, paintings, and reviews. We'll post 'em here, so the world can share in your vision.

Click here to find out how to send us your writing.

T H E  G A L L E R Y

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