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New Country, New Life
by Jessica Oh
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December 2012

Jessica OhThere she was standing alone in the corner while everyone talked among themselves. She was not loquacious enough to fit in. All she heard was rambling going through one ear to the other. Petrified she was, she finally decided to smile at a little girl from across the room. However, the little girl made her feel alienated. She got glares from every inch around the room when the teacher introduced her. It was such a different view coming from another country. Hearing the different language soak into her brain, she was frightened. The room was filled with little kids running around enjoying themselves, excluding her. She just wanted fit in, she just wanted someone to talk to, and she just wanted a friend. Even though she would probably not understand one single word that came out of their mouths, she would casually act along. However, who would want to be friends with a girl who came from another country with no sense of their language or their culture?

She just wanted fit in, she just wanted someone to talk to, and she just wanted a friend.

Her life was perfect as it was until a trembling announcement was made by her parents, “We are moving!” She feared this day would come but tried as hard as she could to make it go away. When they made the announcement, it hit her like a bee sting. Right there and then, she knew her whole life would collapse right in front of her. The solid ground that was the foundation of her life was shaking and the buildings were crumbling. Her heart was torn apart, she was devastated. She never knew what it felt like to be betrayed and depressed. Not only was she moving to a new house but moving to a new school, new country, and new everything. She was moving half way around the globe and her parents expected her to be fine? Tears fell from her left cheek and then her right. She would have to make new memories and her old memories would be long gone. She thought, “but what can I do that can change their mind?” However, she had to face the fact that there was nothing, absolutely nothing she could do to alter their mind. She sluggishly packed her belongings and took whatever she could but had to leave the memories behind.

The airplane experience was so excruciating. Everyone was cramped, horrid smell was lingering all over, and some people had no manners at all. She had not eaten for about 2 days. When a turkey and cheese sandwich came out for lunch, she wanted to vomit the moment it was set gently in front of her by the stewardess. She could not digest any food that she was not used to due to her weak stomach. She felt uncomfortable eating in front of people she did not know, even the people she did know. Back in her native country, when she ate with her friends, her body would reject any food she stuffed down her throat; she was not able to enjoy her meal. If she couldn’t eat it then with her friends, what could have changed that allowed her body to accept it around total strangers? She was not going to tolerate this anymore. With a heavy sigh, she closed the lid and threw it right under her seat. Her hands trembled with fear as she tried to convince herself that her new life will be great and she will love it. She was nervous, everything would be so different. However, she refused to accept the fact that everything she had was completely destroyed and she would have to start new at an unfamiliar place.

How was she supposed to live her life knowing that she didn’t belong in America?

As she heard a loud “BOOM,” she finally arrived to America. When she saw a whole different type of people and place, she felt out of place. The air felt warm and humid as if she was being suffocated. She was sick to her stomach. Ever since the airplane ride, she knew that she would not enjoy any moment of this place. Everything was a blur; the neighborhood was different and the people were different. She could never accept the fact that she lived here and forever on. She felt like she didn’t fit in or feel welcomed. How was she supposed to live her life knowing that she didn’t belong in America? She hated her parents for forcing her to move to this place. Being so angry and upset, she decided to ignore her parents as long as she could. If she couldn’t talk to her old friends, she didn’t see the reason why she should talk to her parents. Her relationship with her friends was dying, and there was nothing she could do. Trying to accept her new current home, it felt as if she was being brainwashed. As much as she loved her old culture, she knew she had to forget everything. With hatred in her eyes, she would stare down her parents for ruining her life. Her parents would always try to ease her pain, but with her attitude towards her parents, it started to put a burden on them.

While unpacking her belongings at her new and fancy home, she heard her parents arguing which caught her off guard. It was about how it was their fault that she was not happy here. However, she decided to believe that it was not a big deal because she was still furious at them. She continued to unpack. As the days passed, she had to register for a new school. Her school was enormous compared to her old school. Kids were running around with their friends having fun. She wondered if she could ever have that again: joy and laughter. There was nothing more she wanted than to have friends again. With sighs of disappointment, she glared around what she called her new home. How was she supposed to make new friends who didn’t understand her culture or anything of her life? No one realized how she felt; she envied the life of every kid playing.  She prayed that her life would get easier per day.

With so many things going on with her life, she needed just a day to relax. She laid down on her bed, hoping to escape this problem. However, she couldn’t stop but overhear her parents still arguing about her issues. She didn’t want her parents to fight. Although, she blamed them, she couldn’t handle another stress in her life. She wanted to be alone but where would she go? The only place she could’ve thought of was school. Even though, she had no friends to hang out with or talk to, she knew it was a quiet place. She sprinted towards her school. Panting loudly through her dried mouth, she finally arrived. Her life had been rough enough, and now she was heartbroken to think that she has ruined her parents’ life also. Glistening tears ran down her cheek, hitting the floor and making what looked liked rain droplets. She was too young to be going through all this trouble; she felt as if she were an adult.

The sweet girl welcomed her to America.

Sitting on a bench alone, she suddenly heard footsteps coming towards her. She could not believe what was happening. Why would anyone come near her? Oh, how excited she was. A sweet, young, and caring girl marched towards her. As fictional as it seemed, it was all real. She just sat there with a blank expression; she stared at her with a pouty lip and a glass like eyes. The sweet girl welcomed her to America. Even though they spoke different languages, they came to be good friends. They shared their different interests and were amazed by each other’s hobbies. Receiving English lessons from a tutor, she was able to speak English within a few months. Her life was so much easier as well as her parents’. She could finally call America, her new and loved home.

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