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A survey by Teen Editorial Board Member, Jan Prather

September 1999

You're having lunch and you look over at your best friend….he's talking with his mouth open and it's full of food. You try ignore it, but it's slowly eating away at you, bugging you, driving you crazy, and making you go out of your mind! Most people have little things, that when they occur, makes them just climb the walls!! These are called pet peeves, and they can be about anything, ranging from things about school, teachers, bf/gfs, sports... anything in life! Here are what a few people had to say about their pet peeves.

The InSite: What are your pet peeves?

Sarah, 16 People who laugh at their own jokes. People who stomp when they walk. People who swear every other word. [I also can't stand] watching a predictable movie, or getting a good idea right before I fall asleep and don't want to get up to write it down [but if I don't] I'll forget about it by morning. And I really hate it when I forget a word when I'm talking about something.

...people who swear every other word...

Sam, 15 I don't like conceited people who only worry about their own vanity and popularity. I also can't stand bad teachers, the ones that just pretend they know what they are talking about. And the worst is bad reception on the radio. You have the station tuned in just right and when you take one step away from it, the reception turns fuzzy and you can't hear one clear word!

Chad, 18 I don't like being single, and hearing and seeing couples all around me. I also don't like slow drivers!

Stacee, 17 I don't like those guys who act different around girls and can't make up their minds. Or those girls who act dumb around guys. They act as though they are completely helpless! Also, those girls who talk about their friends right in front of you, I can't stand two-faced people. I also don't like it when coaches don't give you a chance to show what you can do.

Hannah, 15 What really gets on my nerves are people who call you on the phone, and then say, 'I have to go - I'll call you right back.' And you don't hear from them for forever!

...girls who act dumb around guys...

Alan, 18 Country music is the worst! Especially the real old stuff. It gets on my nerves every time I hear it.

Greg, 18 Chain letters. People who send chain letters. And uh, Chain letters!

Trevor, 14 I really hate it when I'm really hungry or thirsty and I'm really interested in the TV show I'm watching. And I don't want to miss any of the show, but my stomach won't stop growling! That's so annoying!

Denis, 17 I don't like lazy people who boss others around. Or when my mom tells me to do something five times in the same minute. That really drives me crazy. I also don't like those girls who think they are so great, or honestly great girls who go out with complete losers. I hate having a job, chick flicks, bad days, Vince Gill, and being single. Also being really terrible at something, like a sport or school subject… that's really annoying.

...lazy people who boss others around...

Todd, 16 I hate always being second to my older brother. And when I run to the phone and it's a call for him.

Justin, 16 I can't stand it when my girlfriend chews gum, cause she chews with her mouth open, and I have to see it. It really grosses me out. I also hate it when the guys on my football team think they are God's gift to the game, when really they aren't even average. When computers just decide to freeze up when you are working on a 10 page report and you are halfway through page 9 and you haven't saved since page 2!! That really annoys me.


These are just a few of the many things that get on people's nerves everyday.

Please feel free to e-mail The In Site at . with any of your pet peeves, and we'll be sure to add them to this list!

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