Make it Write

Teen Editorial Board Member’s Writing

New Country, New Life by Jessica Oh

When the Symbol of School Pride Becomes A Symbol of Shame by Kendra Congdon

Two opinions on the pro-life/pro chioce issue by Keshia Hall

The Teen Experience by Kenneth Yu

Pet Peeves by Jan Prather

Friends by Russel Huffman

Being Different by Vicky Mersereau

Body Image by Katherine Henwood

Teen Sexual Attitudes by Kendra Congdon

Teen Attitudes on Interracial Dating by Keshia Hall

Making Your Summer Count! by Keshia Hall

What Causes Teen Violence? by Russ Huffman

What's for Dinner? - by Jennifer Prather

One Long Distance Relationship That's Working - by Vicky Mersereau

Everyone Deserves and Needs Love by Keshia Hall

Lyndsey K., the poet by Kendra Congdon

Kids Can Make A Difference by Nikki Finazzo

Community Service by Kathy Chang

No TV by Shwetha Srinivasan

Bridging the Gap by Lisa Chikarovski

Greenpeace by Chad Pecor

Scoliosis...I Can Overcome This by Jennifer Prather

Living In Anxiety by Nikki Finazzo

Tina: America Through The Eyes of A Stranger by Kendra Congdon

You Be the Judge by Galen Price

Stranger In A Strange Land by Kathy Chang

Finding Your Own Path by Kendra Lauren Congdon

Dealing With Diabetes by Russell Huffman

Teen Outreach Volunteer Program by Laura Eubanks

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