Justice Now

J U S T I C E   N O W:
Beyond Labels

There's a song that goes: "... you've got to be taught to hate and fear..." Not because it's a good thing to learn, but because if nobody taught you to distrust people who were different, you wouldn't. On some level all of us have been through a weird kind of programming of attitudes toward other people. And the sooner we cop to it and look at what's really true about different groups, the sooner we can all get off of it.

Stereotyping - What you See is Not What you Get.

Ageism - What difference does it make how old you are?

Body Image - Who decides what's "perfect" anyway?

Mental Retardation - Ever call someone a "retard"? What is mental retardation?

Race - Do we have to judge and be judged by the color of our skin?

People with Physical Challenges - That's each and every one of us whether you know it or not.

Gender - Aside from the obvious differences are males and females equal?

Sexual Orientation - It's all about love.

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