Justice Now

J U S T I C E   N O W:

In the past 100 years, wars, political struggles, prejudice and economic hardships all over the world have caused hundred of millions of people to migrate (that means moving away from traditional homelands into new areas). This has been especially true over the past 25 years. When immigrants arrive they change their new communities by bringing their traditions with them. Cultural diversity (mixes of different people living in one community) is a cool thing. Through language, art, food, music, the celebration of holidays, etc., everybody expands their awareness of different cultures and their respect of other people.

So what's the problem?

There isn't one, except when people decide being different is not okay. Those kinds of people somehow feel threatened or insecure around people who are different. So instead of reaching out to their new neighbors and trying to understand some of the differences, they build walls and shut them out. Or worse... say or do things to make the newcomers feel unwelcome.

The United States Constitution protects a person's civil rights. That means it's illegal to hurt any person, interfere with their right to go about their business, or damage their property just because you don't happen to like the color or their skin. Even so, people's civil rights are violated all the time. What's going on here and other places around the world?

Let's talk about race.



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