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"I'm a total loser."

Do you ever feel you really can't do something, even before you try? This feeling is called "self doubt." If you feel this way a lot you may be programming your life for failure. Because if you don't believe in yourself and your chances for success, no one else will either!

Self doubt is a symptom of low self esteem.

Like an enemy who wants to see you screw up, your own self-doubt can really keep you from doing well or even just being happy.

Does this sound like you?

To figure out if you have this problem, listen to the kinds of things you automatically say to yourself in certain situations. When someone suggests you try out for something you've never done, do you immediately think: "I can't do that!" Or when you're in a group and you think of a solution to a problem do you then instantly say to yourself: "No way. That will never work."

If you often have negative thoughts like these, chances are you have self doubt. You may have been talking to yourself this way for so long you aren't even aware that you do it! Now that you are aware of your automatic negative thoughts you really can begin to change.

What Can You Do To Change?

You can fight off self doubt by pretending these negative thoughts of yours are coming from another person (even though it's really another side of yourself). So when a thought comes up like, "No way will you ever be able to do that!" you might answer back (inside your head, of course) with "I heard that." OR "Thanks for your opinion." OR even "I know you're trying to protect me from failure, thank you." Acknowledge the negative thought and let it go. Create a separation from that negative side of yourself and The Real, Powerful, "Willing to Take Risks" You.

See if doing this helps change the way you see yourself. Moving you from a "loser who can't do anything right" to a person who "gives it all he/she has got."

Remember : This is your life. It's time you started showing up!


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