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You and your bod have been together from Day #1, so what could you possibly not know about it? Besides, stuff like heart beat, breathing, digestion is all on automatic, right? True. But a major part of staying healthy is totally up to you. Let's face it, without you, your body is useless. And without your body, you are permanently out of the game! So to do the right thing for your body, you gotta know what's good for it.

Bottom line?

Your bod's like a car. Take care of it and it will be in better shape to get to where you want to go. Your owner's manual ought to include info about:


Self Image

None of us like what we see in the mirror. But why?


Which drugs do what to your head and body.

 silhouette of a boy


Just the facts (no lectures) about reproduction, birth control options, sexually transmitted diseases, etc.


Its your body. Know how you keep it healthy?

Solutions in Sight my_terra

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