I N H A L A N T S:

What is it? Known in Texas as "OB," chemo is a fluid that smells like gasoline and is used to make cars run better. Chemo users pour it onto rags or into paper bags and the drug is "huffed" or sniffed and is therefore classified as an inhalant.

How does it make you feel? Chemo gives users a quick, euphoric high that makes them feel both strong and at ease.

What does it do to your body? Chemo is considered a sedative, a downer. After a quick high, parts of the Central Nervous System starts to shut down. Long-term use can cause damage to the brain - liver, kidneys, bones, and blood. Users regularly report dizziness, nausea, and memory loss.

Death occurs from heart failure or lack of oxygen.

How easy is it to become "dependent"?All drugs are poison to your body. But because your body is so amazingly devoted to keeping you alive, it can become "tolerant" to having poison in it. If taken regularly, chemo users say they can tolerate the drug pretty easily. They report getting headaches or having a hard time breathing, but nothing that seems to get in the way of daily chemo use.

What is an overdose? Chemo users who overdose start having severe breathing problems. Then they start feeling dizzy and begin vomiting.

A person can die from inhaling chemo. It might happen to a user the first time, or after several times. It's a little like Russian roulette. You never know which round is going to end the game.

What's withdrawal like? Withdrawal from chemo will cause headaches, a loss of appetite, a sense of confusion, stomach aches, and sometimes hallucinations. These symptoms may last for several days. Quitting inhalant use is not about physical withdrawal (like tobbaco, alcohol, cocaine, or heroin) as much as it is about getting free of peer pressure.

Is it legal? Adults can buy it because it has a real use for cars. Law enforcement agencies are pressuring storekeepers to not sell it to kids.

Getting High Naturally

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