Uppers stimulate the brain and the nervous system.


How do they work in your body?

When you're awake and rested your body is pretty much in balance. The energy you've got is usually just what you need. But sometimes you need more. Like when you're suddenly scared out of your wits, or faced with an emergency. At moments like these your brain lets loose with energy chemicals like adrenaline that give you an instant surge of alertness, speed, and power. You can do amazing things and not even be tired! Emergency over? Your brain shuts off the adrenalin, your body reabsorbs the left-overs, and you go back to your normal balanced state.

With uppers your brain is fooled into believing there's an emergency. It releases adrenalin and you get more energy and feelings of confidence. Problems happen because really strong uppers (like cocaine) confuse the brain so it doesn't shut down adrenalin and reabsorb it. All that adrenalin keeps circulating through your body giving you a major case of hyperactivity. People on uppers are very talkative and jittery. Everything bugs them so they tend to get into more fights. Plus they're so hyper they're not interested in eating, and they can't sleep. Uppers also close down blood vessels while they increase blood pressure. This can cause blood vessels to burst, and if that happens in your brain, it can cause a stroke, leaving you paralyzed.


Which Uppers do you want to find out more about?

me_somebody_drugs_capletTobacco (Nicotine) - Let's talk about cigarettes.
me_somebody_drugs_capletCaffeine - It's in coffee, chocolate, and soft drinks, and it's an upper.
me_somebody_drugs_capletCocaine - How does it make you feel and what does it do to you?
me_somebody_drugs_capletCrack - A strong, smokable form of cocaine.
me_somebody_drugs_capletAmphetamines - Strong stimulants that fool your body.
me_somebody_drugs_capletDiet Pills - Amphetamine look-alikes prescribed for weight loss.
me_somebody_drugs_capletMethcathinone - A cheap form of speed.





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