Some Body: Self Image



Pieces of You

She's an ugly girl,
Does it make you want to kill her?
She's an ugly girl,
Do you want to kick in her face?
She's an ugly girl,
She doesn't pose a threat.
She's an ugly girl,
Does that make you feel safe?
Ugly girl, ugly girl. Do you hate her?
'Cause she's pieces of you.

- Jewel Kilcher (of "Jewel")

Self-Esteem Collage
Alexa Van Daam, 17


Self Image

Don't like who you are? Feel like nothing you do is ever good enough? How about when you look in the mirror? Like what you see? 99.9% percent us don't! So who and where are all these perfect people we all want to be like? And who decides what "fine" is anyway?


Conversation Starters




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