B I R T H   C O N T R O L:

HOW does it WORK? If you don't want to get pregnant, and you don't want to get an STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease), you need to abstain from (not participate in) the following. That means:

  • No Needle Sharing (IV drug use, tattooing, body piercing)
  • No Sexual Intercourse (penis in vagina)
  • No Oral Sex (no mouth on penis, no mouth on vagina, no mouth on anus)
  • No Anal Sex (no penis into anus)

It works 100% of the time and it is always available.

HOW is it USED? It's a simple method. And the preferred one for some teens who for whatever reason don't feel ready for or don't want a sexual relationship. If you practice abstinence you choose not to have sexual intercourse at all. The penis cannot be put near or in the woman's vagina at any time. It is possible to get pregnant if the penis comes near but not in the vagina. It is also possible to get pregnant if the penis is in the vagina before ejaculation , because there is enough sperm in "pre-seminal fluid" ("pre-cum") to cause pregnancy. Pre-seminal fluid is a tiny drop of fluid that comes out of the penis after erection and before ejaculation that can contain sperm as well as the bacteria or viruses that cause STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases).

Some people choose to express sexual feelings in other ways that do not include inserting the penis in the vagina.

Benefits to using abstinence: There are no major health concerns using this method. No medical exam is needed. Abstinence is free and it is always available. It's a sure-fire birth control method because it works 100% of the time. If all genital to genital contact is avoided, as well as mouth to genital (oral sex) and genital to anus (anal sex) then the partners are also 100% protected against STDs/HIV.

Concerns connected to using abstinence: Both couples need to feel comfortable with this choice of birth control, otherwise there will be emotional conflicts.

Pregnancy may occur if the couple does not
completely avoid genital to genital contact.

Effectiveness: When using abstinence 100% of the time, this method is 100% effective in preventing pregnancy.


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