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Too Stressed to Think?
The InSite's "Hey Terra!" has a new book, "Too Stressed to Think?" by Annie Fox (AKA Terra)


Features of The InSite

Me, Myself, & I — talking about self-image, emotions, and just the facts on health, sex, and drugs.

Justice Now — all about social justice—making sure everybody is treated fairly.

The Gallery — a place to send in your writing, art, photography, music, media reviews. We're building this into an on-line cultural exchange among the most creative young minds on the planet. Read stories, poems,and essays from all corners of The InSite. Check out our "In My Opinion" area, and the writings of our Teen Editorial Board.

Been There — these are stories featuring young people who have, well... been there and have plenty to say about what it was like for them and what they learned!

Relationships Unlimited — your relationships with your parents, sibs, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, authority figures, and how to find a relationship.

Spaceship Earth — about the environment — it's our only planet, better take care of it!

Hey Terra! — you can send questions about anything to Terra, a wise being who's been around long enough to know plenty, but not so long that she's forgotten what it's like to be a teen.

The Story, a teen soap opera you can participate in through email.

Solutions in Sight — these features target amazing individuals and groups who are doing everything they can to make the world a better place.

What's New at The InSite?
Updated 11/09/07

If you're a teen or young adult, and have ever thought about making a difference, then The InSite* was designed for you. We're here to give you the information, the inspiration, and many possible game plans so you can take positive charge of your life. It's all about discovering real ways to make the planet, as well as your own personal corner of it, a saner, cleaner, more equitable place to live. By focusing on doing what it takes to make things better and sharing the personal stories of people actively involved in all aspects of that process, The InSite will help you unleash the infinite potential for positive change within us all.

Check out the new Polls, Hey Terra Letters, Poetry, and Other Features below:



Terra Letters —  We posted new letters to Terra, as well as her insightful (InSite-full?) answers



Genital HPV —  We have a new page on this highly contagious STD (sexually transmitted disease)

Poll of the Month"Someone tells you that your friend has done something bad. Do you..."

Poll of the Month"You still really like your ex, but he/she is now dating your friend. Do you..."

Poll of the Month"If you had to pick only one thing that's important to you in a best friend, what would it be?"



Not Knowing —  a poem about being left with feelings of regret and wondering what would be different if feelings were expressed more openly, by Lindsay.

Poll of the Month"Your best friend doesn't know that you have a crush on his/her ex. What should you do?"



Honey —  a poem about deep expression of an aching heart, by Stephanie from Los Angeles.



Gossip —  a poem about friends who turn against you, by Alice from Australia.



Google Ads —  We're experimenting with Google Ads on Hey Terra's letter pages. If you object to a specific ad give us the URL of the advertiser and we'll remove it.

Poll of the Month"You cheated on your bf/gf a month ago at a party and still feel guilty. What should you do?"

Poll of the Month"Aside from the fact that there's no school, what do you like best about summer?"

Poll of the Month —  "If a friend is doing something really dangerous and he/she swore you to secrecy, what would you do?"
  In My Opinion — Essays by members of the Teen Editorial Board

More Teen Editorial Board Writings


We posted some of the Transcripts from popular chats from #TheInSite.

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