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                    Welcome to the premiere issue of:
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                   The Voice of Talk City's The InSite
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Volume I, Number 1                                     September 1, 1997
In this issue:
      *   The InSite Web Site
      *   Conferences
      *   Bios
                          The InSite Web Site
    It can be a jungle out there, right? Parents, school, drugs, sex,
relationships, work- figuring out what's going on in your life is not
always easy. You hear it from older people all the time- "I wouldn't
want to be growing up in today's world." Well, that's OK for them to
say- they don't have to live with what's going on in a teen's world,
but you do. You can make things a bit easier for yourself though, and
here's how.
    Have you visited our Website at www.theInSite.org?
The website contains all kinds of content relating to teen issues. You
will find information on sex, drugs, health, feelings, relationships,
teen rights, even the environment and what you can do to protect
it.  Join our live chat forums for discussions on a wide range of
topics, or join one of the regularly scheduled general chat groups. If
you've got a boyfriend/girlfriend problem, write to Hey Terra! (our
cyberspace teen advisor). The InSite is designed to make life easier for
teens and young adults by providing insight into what is going on in
your life and what you can do to make things better.  So bookmark the
site, and visit us often!
          September Conferences on chat.talkcity.com #TheInSite
Late Breaking News! Late Breaking News! Late Breaking News!
September 4, 6 pm PT "Past Life Journeys: Adventures of the Spirit."
Beth Austen, clairvoyant and 10 year columnist for Psychic Reader
Newspaper, will be on line to discuss reincarnation and past lives.
What can you learn from your past lives and how do they help you now?
Beth will do on-line psychic readings.  This conference will replace
DormChat, which will be moved to 7:00PM PT for this date only.
Techno  Teens will run for half an hour from 5:30PM PT. Details of
conference retimetabling for the September 25 conference will appear in
the next "Outta Sight!!"
September 25, 3 pm PT "Spirit Guides - The Unseen Helpers."
Beth Austen, clairvoyant and 10 year columnist for Psychic Reader
Newspaper, will be on line to discuss how you choose a spirit guide.
What can they do for you and what have you done for them?  Beth will do
on-line psychic readings.
New Conference!              New Conference!             New Conference!
"Making the Peace: Eliminating Racism"
Tuesdays 3:00 pm PT
The Todos Institute/Oakland Men's Project have been involved in youth
outreach in the San Francisco Bay area for years. They are into
appreciating the differences between people and breaking down the
walls.  Put this one in your diary as "Not to be missed!"
Not to be missed!           Not to be missed!          Not to be missed!
"The Drug Zone: Fact not Fiction"
Fridays 4:30 pm PT
With special guest Whitney Waxler. Everything you've ever wanted to
know about drugs but didn't know who to ask.  This conference was due
to begin in August but due to some unforeseen circumstances beyond the
control of anybody this conference will begin this month- hey! August's
loss is September's gain! Don't miss this one!
Hey Australia! You aren't forgotten!
Mondays and Wednesdays in a time *slot to be announced (and no, it won't
be something like 3:30 AM Australian Eastern Standard;)
2:00-4:00am PT      7:00-9:00 pm Sydney Time     9:00-11:00 pm New Zealand
Chats for AnZac Teens/Young Adults, hosted by DoriCCC. A chat for YOU in
your own time zone, hosted by a CCC in your corner of the world!
Australia? What about Europe????? Euroteen Chat
Our European friends haven't been forgotten. Also starting in September in
time slots that are compatible with European times are chats hosted by
TIScorpio. More details on the times for these conferences as they come to
Sun Mon Tues Thurs 11:30am-12:30 pm PT (9.30 pm-10.30 pm Greek)
Fri Sat            11:30am- 1:30 pm PT (9.30 pm-11.30 pm Greek)
Two other new conferences to look out for this month-
A New Conference starting with TISwise and arTISt cohosting: TechnoTeens -
a discussion of teens/young adults and technology. Thursdays 5:30 pm PT
KatieCCC's Korner, hosted by KatieCCC - teen chat hosted by a teenCCC -
Monday 4:00 pm PT
Two new support Groups will also be fully under way by this month. These
Mirror, Mirror - LyriCCC and GraTIS cohost a "life support" chat for
teens and young adults
#TheInSite Drop-in Center:  ManTIS and LyriCCC cohost an hour of general
chat for people with questions about addiction and recovery
See times below:
And of course, there are our regular ongoing conferences:
Mondays at   3:00 pm PT - "Girls Against Body Hatred"
             4:00 pm PT - "KatieCCC's Korner" **NEW**
             5:30 pm PT - "Life Lite"
Tuesdays at  3:00 pm PT - "Making the Peace: Eliminating Racism" **NEW**
             4:30 pm PT - "Teens and Drinking"
             7:00 pm PT - "Hey Terra!"
Wednesday at 3:00 pm PT - "Teens and Tobacco"
             4:30 pm PT - "Spaceship Earth"
             7:00 pm PT - "Life Lite"
Thursdays at 4:30 pm PT - "Planned Parenthood"
             5:30 pm PT - "Techno Teens" **NEW**
Fridays at   3:00 pm PT - "You and the Crowd"
             4:30 pm PT - "The Drug Zone: Fact Not Fiction" **NEW**
             5:30 pm PT - "Life Lite"
             6:30 pm PT - "Hey Terra!"
Saturdays at 6:00 pm PT - Trivia Game with LyriCCC and DoriCCC
             7:00 pm PT - "The Drop-In Center"
Sundays at   5:00 pm PT - "On Screen"  CCCritic
             6:30 pm PT - "Mirror, Mirror"
So who are the people who host #TheInSite conferences? Each newsletter,
we will bring you a couple of bios about the hosts. This week:
Katie Baker
Teen Leader for The InSite
Hiya! My name is Katie Baker. I live near Princeton, New Jersey and I
live with my mom, dad, and brother.  I am not new to the on-line world. I
have been chatting on-line with America Online, eWorld, and now Talk
City, and I have been a hostess in chat rooms for almost 2 years. I
loooove computers and the Internet and I especially love Talk City! Here
at Talk City I work in The InSite and Youth Online forums, as well as
the InfoBooth, Teen Talk, and New2TalkCity. I love the diversity that
comes from an on-line community!  When I'm not chatting, I am busy with
sports. I play state select field hockey year-round, as well as soccer
in the spring, ice hockey and basketball in the winter, and lacrosse in
the spring. In the summer I participate in Outward Bound trips.  I also
love making jewelry and I work at a local bead store every now and again
:-)  I look forward to meeting you on-line as KatieCCC or Platypus, 
and make sure to visit us at The InSite at http://www.theInSite.org! :-)
Steven (EnzoTIS)
   My name is Steven.  I have been working for The InSite for about one
month now and have found it to be an experience all of its own!  I was
born 14 years ago in a small town in Nova Scotia, Canada where I
currently reside.  I haven't any brothers or sisters, but I enjoy being
an only child.  I am an "A" student and a computer nerd and am going
into grade 9 in September.  I have been "hooked" to the internet for
about 14 months now and chatting at Talk City for a whole year next
   At TC, I love to play the Alphabet Soup game (#ABC), which I suck at,
and chat with my friends and the CCC's.  You can find me at Talk City
under EnzoTIS when I am hosting or Enzo, when I am not.
        That's it for this fortnight. All comments, corrections,
contributions etc. can be sent to ManTIS (Geoff) [email protected].
The next issue of
                           "Outta Sight!"
will be posted on 9/15/97, and an archive copy of "Outta Sight!" will
soon be available from The InSite home page:

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