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            Welcome to the mid September '97 issue of:
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                 The Voice of Talk City's The InSite
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Vol I. No. 2                                                9/15/97
In this issue:
      *    New Additions to our Website
      *    Conference updates
      *    Getting to know The InSite Web site
      *    Bios- your hosts in #TheInsite
      *    Bits and pieces
                   New Additions to The InSite Website
        This month sees the addition of a transcripts archive to The
Insite Website. This new site will contain transcripts of a number of
important conferences. The site may be found at
        The aim of the archive is to build up a collection of our most
useful transcripts for later reference. Unfortunately, we are unable to
include all our conferences in the transcript site, much and all as we
would like to be able to do so. However, if you think that a particular
conference is of value and you do not see it in the archive, contact me
(ManTIS) at the email address at the bottom of the newsletter and your
suggestion will be considered. General chat will not be archived.
Also new this month....
Been There !!!!! Been There !!!!! Been There!!!!!
Have you visited our "Been There" site yet? Real life stories about young
people who have been through some of life's extreme situations, and are
willing to talk about their experiences. Our most recent posting is an
interview with Vanessa.......
"At the age of 12, Vanessa decided she was too fat. Her compulsive
dieting turned into anorexia and she was hospitalized three times.
Fortunately, she did not die, and what she learned, she's now ready to
You can read about Vanessa's experiences, and the experiences of others,
by visiting
                           Conference Updates
***Special Guest***Special Guest***Special Guest***Special Guest***
Monday September 22th 4 pm (PT)
The InSite's ACLU Discussions: Teen Rights
host: KatieCCC
Nancy Otto, Director of the Howard Friedman First Amendment Rights
Education Project of the ACLU (Northern California) will be online to
discussing something we all need to know about our rights!  What they
are, and how to organize to protect them.  If you've ever had an
unsuccessful run in with an authority figure (like who hasn't?) this chat
is for you!
Don't Miss This! ***Don't Miss This!***Don't Miss This!***
Mondays at 6pmPT, 9pmET
The InSite's Some Body - Definitive User's Manual to your Bod
Sweat, smells, acne, hair in new places!  Not to mention needing more
sleep, more food, growing taller at an incredible rate and putting on
weight!  Our bodies are changing and our hormones are raging.  How do
make sense out of all these changes and take care of this "new" body of
Special Conference *** Special Conference *** Special Conference
Thursday September 25th, 6:30 pm (PT)
"The InSite: About-Face: A new attitude"
(Replaces Dorm Chat for this week only)
Why don't we like the way we look?  What makes us think that
models in magazines and actors on TV and in the movies are "perfect" and
we are lowly slime?   Join us on line with the staff of About-Face, a San
Francisco based group that's exploding  negative images of women in our
culture and teaching teens how to change the way they see themselves.
Planned Parenthood Conferences for Late September/early October
Thursday, September 18, 4:30 pm (PT)
"The InSite: How to talk to your parents about Sex"
Toni Guy, public educator, Planned Parenthood Golden Gate, chats on line
about why it's so incredibly difficult to have a real conversation with
your parents about sex and what you can do to change all of that. You
don't need to tell them everything, but it sure would be nice to have an
open, honest relationship.
Thursday, September 25, 4:30 pm (PT)
 "The InSite: Sexual Negotiating Skills"
Marcela Rodriguez, public educator, Planned Parenthood Golden Gate, chats
on line about how to talk to pushy partners in sexual situations.  She'll
tell you how to deal with peer pressure and give you creative (and cool)
ways to say "No."
Thursday, October 2, 4:30 pm (PT)
"The InSite: Sex, Sexuality: Agree or Disagree?"
Ivy Chen, public educator, Planned Parenthood Golden Gate, will be
offering you a chance to voice your opinions about sex!  She's got an
on-line survey for you, filled with totally amazing questions that will
really get you  thinking about where you stand on issues of sex and
                    Getting to know The InSite Web site
              You probably visited our site when you subscribed to this
newsletter, but are you aware that there is a great wealth of
information on this site that is of vital importance to teens and
young adults. Spend some time investigating The InSite - you will be
glad that you did! In the "Me Myself and I" section alone there are
nearly seventy pages on topics as diverse as drugs, sex, spirituality,
dealing with emotions and expressing your opinions - and this is just
one of half a dozen huge sections that make The InSite an awesome
resource for dealing with life and life's problems.
"OK OK OK - everybody's got problems- but how about the
 Yep- a good question-and we have to say "Sorry! we don't have ALL the
solutions"- but if you check out our site "Solutions In Sight", we might
just have a few answers......
       "At age 12 Victor Gonzalez was a member of a Los Angeles gang.
When he was almost killed by rival gang members he knew it was time to
change his address and his plans for the future. At his new school in
Northern California he chose not to get involved with gangs. Instead he
spends some of his time volunteering at Youth Advocates, an organization
that does sex education and anti-gang outreach."
         Read about Victor and other young people like him who are
creating  the solutions to their problems in "Solutions In Sight"
                         Biographies - your hosts
atlanTIS is best known for hosting Life Lite, Mondays 5.30 PM PT,
Wednesdays 7.00 PM PT  and Fridays 5.30 PM PT
"Laugh with people as they tell their most embarrassing moments of  life.
This has turned into an hysterical contest, with some hilarious gold
medal winners that have some of the wildest and funniest stories I have
ever heard! Join us for Fiasco Monday, Wacky Wednesday, and Freaky
Friday.  Come to listen  and laugh, or better yet, come with your own
story.  An embarrassing moment is a terrible thing to waste!"
        "My original field was biochemistry, and I have a masters in it.
I worked in research for many years, ending with the birth of my second
child.  I have three children ages 16, 11, and 5, and have been happily
married for 18 years to a veterinarian. (Yes, we have a ton of animals!)
I live in a small town in Connecticut where I am actively involved in
politics, school issues (PTA past president), my kids sports ( I guess
that makes me a soccer mom), and church activities. I teach ethics ( I
write my own curriculum) for teenagers in my church, and later this year
will be teaching Confirmation. I also am involved in a variety of
outreach programs such as battered women's shelters, food banks, and
soup kitchens.  I try to involve the teenagers that I teach heavily in
these organizations, feeling that it is important to be a part of the
world's solutions. I adore to garden, and have extensive plantings (sign
up here to weed) I also, play tennis, ski, and love to gourmet cook!
        Most of all though, I am a full time mom, and I am very proud of
                Allison (aka atlanTIS)
                             Bits And Pieces
        Outta Sight!!! seeks contributions from its subscribers. If you
have a story about how The InSite- either the chat conferences or the web
site- have helped you in some way, then we would like to here from you.
Or perhaps you would simply like to express your opinion about The
InSite, or make a suggestion about how we might make improvements to our
services. If you do, please send your email to me, ManTIS^, at
[email protected] for inclusion in the next newsletter.
        Got a conflict over your nickname? Someone bugging you cos they
stole your nick? It happens all the time, and it can be very annoying-
but there ARE ways to overcome the problem!
         TalkCity doesn't have nick registration...yet. As soon as it
does though, register your nick - it may save you a lot of drama later. If
someone beats you to the nick that you want, try a couple of other ways
of keeping your identity - for example the nick Spider can become
Spider^^ or Spi_der. Changing lower case letters to upper case isn't
enough - TalkCity reads all letters in a nick in one way only, so Spider
looks the same as sPiDeR.
         If all else fails, change your nick to something more bizarre,
then let your friends online know who you have metamorphosed into a new
character - losing a nick can be a pain, but hey! it isn't the end of the
world. And you can bet that the person who has your old nick is gonna
receive some strange 1/1's for a while! ;)
      That's it for this edition. Do your friends a favor - tell them about
The InSite and #TheInSite
                           "Outta Sight!"
will be posted on 9/15/97, and an archive copy of "Outta Sight!"
will soon be available from The InSite home page:
/theinsite/ or http://www.theinsite.org/

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