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               Welcome to the early October '97 issue of:

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Volume I, Number 3                                    October 1, 1997


In this issue:

      *   New Additions to The InSite Website
      *   Conference updates
      *   Getting to know The InSite Website
      *   Bios - your hosts in #TheInSite
      *   Bits and pieces

                New Additions to The InSite Website

    You will find some great additions to our website this week. Visit
our website at


and click on the "new" image in the top left corner of the spiral
icon, or simply click HERE.


  * Don't miss these   * Don't miss these   * Don't miss these *

    Want to find out how Alcohol and Drugs are affecting your life?
Take the Drug Self-Test by the National Council for Alcohol and Drug
Dependency, then make up your own mind.

    Also new this week - reports on Rohypnol and Methcathinone. Rohypnol
has gained an evil reputation as the date rape drug, and methcathinone
is a concoction of battery acid, Drano, and over-the-counter asthma
medication. Find out about these drugs in Me Myself and I/Some Body/
Drugs, or visit the site listed above


*New!* *New!* *New!* *New!* *New!* *New!* *New!* *New!* *New!* *New!*

    Also new this month....these two great new areas are excellent
additions to our Justice Now Section

Ageism - What difference does it make how old you are?

    "What do you think when you see an senior? Do you feel pity,
    disgust, fear? Do you ever think "Oooh. That person's so old!" If
    you do, then you are guilty of ageism! Because you aren't relating
    to the individual, you're making a judgment based on a stereotype
    of what all senior citizens are like. If you don't like being
    lumped together and judged with "all teens" then stop lumping
    together "all seniors."

Body Image - Who decides what's "perfect" anyway?

    "The average female model is 5'10" tall and weighs 110 lbs. That's
    someone's idea of "perfect." But the average American woman is
    5'4" and weighs 144 lbs.! In the U.S., males believe that
    "perfect" is tall, muscular and having a full head of thick hair.
    But most adult men look a lot more like Homer Simpson than Brad


   *Not to be missed!*   *Not to be missed!*   *Not to be missed!*

    "Solutions In Sight" is well worth a visit this week to read two
new articles about what people like you are doing about some of the
pressing issues in their lives

Sierra Student Coalition, an interview with Sage Rockermann

    The Sierra Student Coalition (S.S.C.) was founded in 1991 by 17
year old Adam Werbach as the student arm of the Sierra Club. They have
grown to 19,000 members who work on local, regional, national and
international environmental campaigns.

Adobe Creek Restoration Project

    The Adobe Creek Restoration Project was started 13 years ago in
Casa Grande High School of Petaluma, California. Through the efforts
of high school students, this once dead creek and ecosystem has been
brought back to life. Jennie Furrer shares the impact working on this
project has had on her life.

                        Conference Updates

  *Put these in your Diary!*             *Put these in your Diary!*

      Planned Parenthood Conferences for October 1-16, 1997

Thursday, October 2, 4:30 pm (PT) "The InSite: Sex, Sexuality: Agree
or Disagree?"

    Ivy Chen, public educator, Planned Parenthood Golden Gate, will be
offering you a chance to voice your opinions about sex! She's got an
on-line survey for you, filled with totally amazing questions that
will really get you  thinking about where you stand on issues of sex
and sexuality.

Thursday, October 9, 4:30 pm (PT) "The InSite: Teen Sex: Male

    Michael McElvane, public educator, Planned Parenthood Golden Gate,
chats on-line about the guy's role in birth control, and protection
against STD's.  This talk will fill you in on what you need to know to
be a responsible sex partner.  This chat is for girls and guys.

Thursday, October 16, 4:30 pm (PT) "The InSite:"Sexual Harassment"

    Join Jennifer Toller,  public educator, Planned Parenthood Golden
Gate, as she chats on-line about sexual harassment at school, on the
street, on a date.  What is it?  Can it happen to guys?  What Can you
do about it?  This chat is for girls and guys.


The InSite - Casual Chat
  Sundays:    3-4pm, 4-5pm
  Tuesdays:   2-3pm, 6-7pm, 8:30-9:30pm
  Wednesdays: 6-7pm, 8-9pm
  Thursdays:  8-9pm
  Fridays:    6:30-7:30pm, 8:30-9:30pm
  Saturdays:  4-5pm, 5-6pm, 8-9pm, 9-10pm

The InSite offer teens and young adults a forum for learning about
self, relationships, community and the environment. Join us for this
series of Casual Chats where YOU get to choose the topics you want to


  *New Conferences*       *New Conferences*       *New Conferences*

The InSite: When Love Turns Violent
Wednesdays, 3-4pm

    The person you're in love with may be wonderful at times, but other
times he/she may turn into a control freak who is emotionally/
physically abusive. How can you tell? What should you do? Join the
staff of March of Dimes Teen Abuse Prevention Program as they talk
about warning signs in any relationship.

The InSite: Dorm Chat
Fridays, 9:30-10:30pm

    MezzoTIS knows what it's like to be a college/uni student.  Join her
on Friday nights in the Dorm to rehash the week's events, develop some
coping strategies, even become a better student.  Kick back, relax, and
chat with other collegians.

The InSite: Aussie Music Chat
Sundays, 2:00-4:00am

    Join TISatori, a working rock guitarist in Sydney, to talk about
the Aussie music scene.  TISatori can tell you what it's like to be in
the biz as well as what's in and what's out in Australian music. Talk
about your favorite bands and their tunes as well.

The InSite: Teen Chat Down Under
Thursdays, 2:00-4:00am

    Aussie Teens won't want to miss this conference scheduled just for
you and hosted by a teen from the Land of Oz.  Join TISatori and
friends in a relaxed atmosphere to talk about topics of your choice.

The InSite:  Super Model - Your Body and You
Thursdays, 3:00-4:00pm
Host: LilyCCC

    Two years ago Kathy Bruin created posters with "Stop Starvation
Imagery" across a picture of Kate Moss. She plastered them all over
San Francisco, and About-Face was born. She's here to discuss media
images of women. Where are the hips, the butts, and the bellies?  The
US "ideal" for women is "zero" percent body fat - and fat is natural
and necessary for women's bodies! What's up with that?

The InSite: Lily's Pond
Mondays, 3:00-4:00pm

    Join LilyCCC, Jill of all trades, for this colorful conference Long
Description: LilyCCC is a multifaceted woman, and she has much to
share with you. Join her as she discusses everything from body image
to psychic phenomena, from spirituality to raising kids. This
conference is always fresh, always new, always fascinating.

                  Getting to Know The InSite Website

    Even though you may not have participated, Many of you are aware
that there is a conference in #TheInSite called Hey Terra!, where our
resident advice columnist Terra dispenses pertinent advice on
relationship matters to our conference participants.

    What you might not realize however, is that you may write to Terra
with questions that bother you. At the bottom of many of The InSite's
web pages, you will see a graphic of a young woman yelling "Hey
Terra!" - click on this and you will be taken to The InSite's
discussion boards, where you can read messages to Terra and her
replies, or you can write to Terra personally with relationships
questions that bother or perplex you

                        Biographies - Your Hosts

Brenda (TISwise)

    I found The InSite after I did an interview with Annie Fox, Creator
and Producer of the site for an on-line Ezine. I first came on-line two
years ago and my goal has always been to work with young people; to
give something back to the Internet and help our youth of today become
responsible net citizens. I have always been interested in technology
and computers and soon found out that it was the young people I could
rely upon to help me with questions about programs and emerging
technology. To this day, I have a group of young people I can call
upon to help me and this has made my on-line experience a special one.

    When I am away form Talk City and all my activities on-line, I work
at The Fels Planetarium at the Franklin Institute Science Museum in
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where I reside. This past year I have had
the opportunity to work with Lasers and also do astronomy effects as
part of the Laser shows. I also Judge at the Delaware Valley Regional
Science Fair (the oldest Science Fair in the country) and will have a
unique opportunity when we will host The Intel International Science
and Engineering Fair in Philadelphia in 1999. It not only will be the
50th Anniversary of our regional Fair, but I will be able to Judge at
an International competition which is a lifetime opportunity. I am
also a member of the Rittenhouse Astronomical Society founded in 1888
with responsibility for the Internet.

    The InSite has been a wonderful experience for me and has allowed
me to pursue many projects with our young people on-line. I look
forward to all the wonderful conferences and activities at The InSite
and am sincerely grateful to have the opportunity to work with the
staff and all the people who make it such a special place.


Hosting Name: ContacTIS

Conferences Cohosted: Casual Chat on Tuesdays at 6pm PT with DoriCCC,
After School Casual Chat 6pm PT with ArTISt, And fill-ins when other
hosts can't make it.

    Hi Everybody! :-) My name is Scott Bennett, and I live in Mineral
Point, Wisconsin, a small town in the southwestern corner of the
state. I'm 15 and in the 9th Grade, and whatever you have heard, being
a Freshman is great! I enjoy school and constantly have to study. I
enjoy computers and computer programming, and hope to be in a field of
that study someday. In the summer I play baseball and love it. This
year I hope to be on Varsity on our High School Team.

    When I'm not playing baseball, I'm either playing for band, or
singing for choir. I'm a percussionist and hopefully first chair one
day! (Remember I'm only a Freshman!) I also enjoy being in a Youth
Choir for our Church, we sing one Sunday each month. Well that about
does it. I hope to see you in #TheInSite soon!

                           Bits And Pieces

    Outta Sight!!! seeks contributions from its subscribers. If you
have a story about how The InSite - either the chat conferences or the
website - have helped you in some way, then we would like to here from
you. Or perhaps you would simply like to express your opinion about
The InSite, or make a suggestion about how we might make improvements
to our services. If you do, please send your email to me, ManTIS^, at
[email protected] for inclusion in the next newsletter.


That's it for this edition. Do your friends a favor - tell them about
The InSite and #TheInSite

                           "Outta Sight!"

will be posted on 10/16/97, and an archive copy of "Outta Sight!"
will soon be available from The InSite home page:
or http://www.theinsite.org/

Keep coming back :)


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