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               Welcome to the mid October '97 issue of:
                     *O*U*T*T*A* *S*I*G*H*T*!*!*
                 The Voice of Talk City's The InSite
                  on chat.talkcity.com, #TheInSite
Volume I, Number 4                                    October 16, 1997
In this issue:
      *   New Additions to The InSite Website
      *   Conference updates
      *   Getting to know The InSite Website
      *   Bios - your hosts in #TheInSite
      *   Bits and pieces
                New Additions to The InSite Website
Sneak preview....
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        %   %   % %         %       %   %   % %   %  %   %
        %   %%%%% %%%%      %%%%    %   %   % %%%%    % %
        %   %   % %            %    %   %   % %   %    %
        %   %   % %%%%      %%%%    %   %%%%% %    %   %
What's The Story?
Come to The InSite and find out for yourself!  Starting next week, The
InSite launches an unbelievably cool (yet totally believable) teen soap
opera called "The Story" and what a story it is!   Becca, Dee, Chaz and
Miguel, a bunch of total opposites, are all transfer students to Sandale
High School and it's four-way "hate at first sight."  Unfortunately,
they're forced to work *very* closely together on a major project that
includes keeping a journal and every Friday they have to write a new
entry.  Read the journals and find out all the juice and dirt about
what's going on in their lives.  Who's going out with who?  Who's
worried and scared?  Who's plotting a power play?  Whose heart is
breaking?  Because these teens are often confused about... life... we've
set it up so you can send them email and give them advice.  They sure
need it!  Looks like it's going to be a really long Sophomore year at
Sandale, or is it?
To find out what's new at The InSite, visit our website at
and click on the "new" image in the top left corner of the spiral
icon, or simply click HERE.
New this week!!!!!!!
                The InSite's Abusive Relationship Test
    "Abuse can be emotional (where someone consistently disregards,
    invalidates and/or purposely hurts another's feelings to control
    them). Abuse can also be physical (where someone uses violence or
    the threat of violence to get their way). In both cases one person
    is treating the other with a lack of respect."
Read the article- take the test........ It's your life...
                        Conference Updates
  *Put these in your Diary!*             *Put these in your Diary!*
      Planned Parenthood Conferences for October 17-31, 1997
Thursday, October 23, 4.30 pm (PT) "The InSite:Teen Sex - HIV and Youth"
Join Terry Wheeler, public educator, Planned Parenthood Golden Gate, as
she chats on-line about HIV. We've all heard a lot about HIV and AIDS,
but here's where you can find out what it really is, how it's
transmitted and what you can do to protect yourself from getting
Thursday, October 30, 4.30 pm (PT) "The InSite: Gay/Lesbian Teen
Relationships"  When it comes to pairing up, different stroke for
different folks.  Join Jaime Jenett, public educator, Planned Parenthood
Golden Gate, as she chats on-line about being a gay/lesbian teen, being
in love and practicing safer sex.  This chat is open to homosexual,
bi-sexual and heterosexual teens.
The InSite - Hosted Casual Chat
  Sundays:    3-4pm, 4-5pm
  Tuesdays:   2-3pm, 6-7pm, 8:30-9:30pm
  Wednesdays: 6-7pm, 8-9pm
  Thursdays:  8-9pm
  Fridays:    6:30-7:30pm, 8:30-9:30pm
  Saturdays:  4-5pm, 5-6pm, 8-9pm, 9-10pm
The InSite offer teens and young adults a forum for learning about
self, relationships, community and the environment. Join us for this
series of Casual Chats where YOU get to choose the topics you want to

                  Getting to Know The InSite Website
Burning up because someone has upset you? Sad because someone has let
you down -  again? Happy because you got a better test result than you
expected? All these feelings are what makes us what we are at any point
in time. But what exactly are these "feelings"?
Find out in "The Fires Within," The InSite's web page about emotions and
how to deal with them. Visit our website at
                    for "The Fires Within"
You have probably seen the picture at the bottom of our web pages- a
young woman calling "Hey Terra!". Clicking on this image takes you to
our advice columnist Terra, and her hundreds of replies to questions
that bother teens and young adults. Read the Letter of the Week, or
browse through the many folders of advice on matters of the heart, the
body and the soul. Submit your problem to Terra - she is only too glad to
take the time to respond to your query.
   You can find Hey Terra! at /theinsite/terra/
          Go to Discussions/Hey Terra! - it's great advice!
                        Biographies - Your Hosts
Hosting name : StormTIS
Conferences hosted: EuroTeen 11.30am - 1.30pm PT / 7.30pm - 9.30pm GMT
(Tue, Wed, Thur)
Conferences Cohosted: EuroTeen 11.30am - 1.30pm PT / 7.30pm - 9.30pm GMT
(Mon, Fri, Sat, Sun)
    Hi! My name is Martyn and I've been chatting in Talk City since April
of this year. I have made many new friends of all ages and nationalities
and am even involved in an Online relationship :o)
    My decision to volunteer as a Host for #TheInSite was influenced by
the fact that I have always enjoyed helping others and also by my
wanting others to enjoy Talk City as much as I do myself.
    My interests include sports, computers, RPG's and Camping/hiking.
    I live in England about 30 miles south of London and work in Gatwick
Airport as an Assistant Manager of an Internet Cafe.
    I currently Host/CoHost EuroTeen at 11.30am PT / 7.30pm GMT A casual
chat,there are however some topical conferences and games which are
going to be introduced in the very near future... Don`t miss it! It's a
lot of fun and everyone is welcome. Drop by and say hello. Share your
opinions on matters that concern you. Most importantly if you have any
questions or need help with anything-feel free to ask.
                            C YA !!!
                           Bits And Pieces
Conferences??? They hold conferences in #TheInSite??
Lately, #TheInSite has been used as a casual chat channel at times when
conferences are not scheduled. There is no problem with this- we love to
see people chatting and enjoying themselves. However, we would
appreciate our chatters realizing that #TheInSite DOES have a primary
purpose, and that is to provide quality conferencing on subjects of
vital importance to teens and young adults. So please - if a host
announces that a conference is about to start, don't think that it is a
channel takeover. The host is merely using #TheInSite for the purpose
that the channel was designed for, and has scheduled this conference in
the approved manner.
Very soon also, there will be a #TheInSite2, devoted to general chat. We
ask our loyal fans to use this channel for general chat when conferences
are on in #TheInSite :)
     Outta Sight!!! seeks contributions from its subscribers. If you
have a story about how The InSite - either the chat conferences or the
website - have helped you in some way, then we would like to here from
you. Or perhaps you would simply like to express your opinion about
The InSite, or make a suggestion about how we might make improvements
to our services. If you do, please send your email to me, ManTIS^, at
[email protected] [email protected] for inclusion in the next newsletter.
That's it for this edition. Do your friends a favor - tell them about
The InSite and #TheInSite
                           "Outta Sight!"
will be posted on 10/16/97, and an archive copy of "Outta Sight!"
will soon be available from The InSite home page:
or http://www.theinsite.org/

Keep coming back :)


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