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               Welcome to the Mid March'98 issue of:
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                 The Voice of Talk City's The InSite
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Volume 2, Number 5                                March 19, 1998
In this issue:
      *   New Additions to #TheInSite
      *   New Additions to The InSite Website
      *   Conference updates
      *   Getting to know The InSite Website
      *   Bios - your hosts in #TheInSite
      *   Bits and pieces

                New Additions to #TheInSite
New Casual Chat Room

Our casual chat room, #TheInSite2, has been so popular that people can't
get in. So we are now closing it down and replacing it with
#TheInSite-Casual. This is a "roll-over" room. When it fills up, a new
room, #TheInSite-Casual1 will be created. Additional rooms will
automatically be added as needed.

                New Additions to The InSite Web Site

*Your opinion is important!*           *Your opinion is important!*

The Click HERE for The Story


                        Conference Updates
***Don't miss this!***
Dare to Beat the Buzzer:

On March 28th at 6pmPT, 9pmET The InSite will be holding its first ever
"Trivia Tournament of Champs". Everyone is welcome to attend and watch
as we play. The questions will be hard, so don't miss out on a fun

Some of the regular conferences coming your way in the next few weeks:

TheInsite The Cosmos and Beyond
Day: Mondays:
Time: 5pmPT - 8pmET
Hosts: GalaxCCC, KeaCCC, SweeTISt

The Cosmos and Beyond presents weekly discussions about astronomy, as
well as any late breaking news and discoveries that may have occurred
during the week. All audience members are encouraged to use their
imagination and debate on a variety of astronomy related topics. Guests
are being planned in the near future from Astronomers, planetarium
experts to a variety of topical interests in the world of the Cosmos. It
is a conference where people can feel free to talk about the future of
space exploration and to envision what life may be like in other parts
of the Universe.

TheInSite The Drug Zone
Day: Tuesday
Time: 4.30pmPT - 7.30pmET
Hosts: LyriCCC,oCCCtave,clemaTIS

No preaching, no judgments, just information and plenty of it. Join our
hosting team as we explore the world of drugs, addiction, and recovery.
This is the place to talk about these issues in an open, honest
atmosphere. Special guests are featured as well.

TheInSite: Worlds2Share
Day: Wednesdays
Time: 6pmPT - 9pmET
Hosts: VenusCCC, TIStia, TISsy

A conference focusing on the various guests of the week and the world
they can share with us. Guests are from everywhere, and the topics range
broadly from culture and religion to occupation and education.

TheInSite MoneyTalks
Day: Thursday
Time: 5:30pmPT - 8:30pmET
Hosts: KeaCCC, GalaxCCC, TISgreen

MoneyTalks focuses on ways in which Teens/Young Adults can manage their
money, discussions about part-time jobs and suggestions, as well as
financing educational issues. We do have a guest monthly, a young teen
from An Income of Her Own who answers questions and gives suggestions on
money management for Teens. We also cover the importance of developing
good money management skills in the teen years which can carry them
through their adult lives.

TheInSite Viewpoint
Day: Fridays
Time: 4.30pmPT - 7.30pmET
Hosts: VenusCCC, PieraTIS, TIStia

Weekly guests bring a variety of opinions and a wealth of information to
this conference. Conference topics vary greatly - each week is a
guaranteed treat as guests answer your questions and explain their

TheInSite: SportsFest for Teens/Young Adults
Day: Saturday
Time: 7:00pmPT - 10:00pmET
Hosts: HawkTIS, CCCheer, PieraTIS

Come talk with our hosting team about your favorite sports and teams. We
also hold conferences on many special events, such as the Super Bowl,
the Final Four, The World Series, etc. So come to SportsFest, the
"friendlier" alternative to #SportsTalk, where you can enjoy talking
about sports.

Note: Time change

TheInSite Spaceship Earth
Day: Saturday
Time: 8:00pmPT - 11:00pmET
Host: CCCanine, TISPhreak

Remains the same...time change from Saturday 5.00-6.00pmPT

TheInsite: Coping With Peer Pressure
Day: Sundays
Time: 4pmPT - 7pmET
Hosts: VenusCCC, VivaCCCe

Everyone is faced with peer pressure, in either a positive or negative
form. In this conference we discuss what peer pressure is, how it
affects us, how to fight it and how to embrace it when necessary.

                  Getting to Know The InSite Web Site

The InSite web site is constantly growing, with new additions to the
various sections of the web site being posted almost daily. Check out
Hey Terra! for sound advice on a whole range of important matters. The
Transcripts section contains edited transcripts of a number of our
conferences. And don't forget to check out our interviews with people
who have had a problem - and found a solution!

Feel free to free to Email her.

Your friends can also send mail to Terra, so please let them know that
caring advice is available in The InSite :)

                  Bios - your hosts in #TheInSite

Hi, my name is Noeline and I volunteer in TheInSite as ClemaTIS which,
for those that don't know, is a flower. I started in Chat over 2 years
ago when I was attending a couple of support groups... a 12 step meeting
and a Crohn's disease support group. From there my interest has grown
to where I host a few conferences and help out in others.

I have 4 adult children, spread all over the world at the moment, and 2
granddaughters living in Seattle.

My partner and I live in Northern New South Wales Australia on 5 acres
of land in the mountains which we are putting under cultivation for
Australian native flowers. At the moment I don't have a house on the
property and work from a shack and sleep in a caravan. It is not
unusual to have to lift my feet for a passing python while I am working
at the computer. :)

I am also a licensed wildlife carer and trained in the care of orphaned
and injured wallabies and possums and host a 'Focus on Wildlife'
conference in TheInSite.

During my city life I was coordinator of a Women's Refuge and trained in
Family Welfare specializing in Domestic Violence. Must admit, country
life suits me much better these days...it was a pretty stressful
life-style back then. I have, however, always found relaxation in
gardening and craft work.

                           Bits And Pieces

I saw this wonderful quote the other day. It is well worth sharing:
"The highest result of education is tolerance."
 - Helen Keller (1880-1968)

That's it for this edition. Do your friends a favor - tell them about
The InSite and #TheInSite. The next edition of:


will be posted on 4/1/98, and an archive copy of "OuttaSight!" vol2
no5 will soon be available from The InSite home page:


Keep coming back :)   CCCorinth
Geoff Wild ([email protected]) (CCCorinth)
The InSite Forum Co-Manager on chat.talkcity.com:6667
Join us in our Talk City chat room, #TheInSite
Conferences for Teens and Young Adults on
Self -- Relationships -- Social Justice --
and the Environment


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