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You cheated on your bf/gf a month ago at a party and still feel guilty. What should you do?
Tell him him/her the truth.
Wait until he/she finds out from someone else then say, "I was just going to tell you!"
If he/she ever finds out, deny it.
Hope he/she never finds out.
Wait until he/she hurts you, then use this "secret" to get back at him/her.
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Previous Polls:
(these are all still active—go ahead and check them out!)
01/29/2006 Someone tells you that your friend has done something bad. Do you...
12/10/2005 You still really like your ex, but he/she is now dating your friend. Do you...
11/04/2005 If you had to pick only one thing that's important to you in a best friend, what would it be?
09/29/2005 Your best friend doesn't know that you have a crush on his/her ex. Do you:
08/19/2005 You cheated on your bf/gf a month ago at a party and still feel guilty. What should you do?
06/22/2005 Aside from the fact that there's no school, what do you like best about summer?
05/01/2005 If a friend is doing something really dangerous and he/she swore you to secrecy, what would you do?
  • Values Clarification Questionnaire - Which of your personal values are more important than others? Fill out our questionnaire and find out!
  • What If? - What would you do in these sticky situations?
  • You be the Judge - We're presenting real U.S. court cases involving teen issues relating to freedom and privacy. Get the facts and make your own judgment call. Then find out on which side the court actually came down and why. Take the poll and see how others feel about the issue.
  • Hey Terra! - Send questions about anything to Terra, a wise being who's been around long enough to know plenty, but not so long that she's forgotten what it's like to be a teen.

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