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Solutions In Sight: Doing It My Way

Making Your Summer Count!

June 1999

By Keshia Hall, A Teen Editorial Board member.

Summer vacation gives most of us a break from the routine of school, but what else could it be? When you use your imagination and follow your interests, you can turn the summer into all kinds of awesome opportunities to meet new people, and maybe even meet new parts of yourself! Here are some of the cool things these teens have done in the past or are planning to do with their summer. Remember, a summer is a terrible thing to waste!

Keshia, 14:

Last summer I went down to Toronto for awhile to stay with my aunt and little cousins. While I was there I volunteered at Vacation Day Camp. I'd go every day for a few hours, and work with the kids. They were so cute. It was very rewarding. This summer I'm going on a Missions Trip. We're helping out this neighborhood in the inner city neighborhoods of Toronto, doing construction work, working with the kids and teens with hard lives. I can't wait!

Bret, 14:

This summer, I'm volunteering at the Humane Society. What I'm doing is feeding the animals, walking, washing, and generally taking care of them. I love animals. I feel so bad for animals that have been neglected, abused, or abandoned. This is my way of showing them that some humans do care.

Alissa, 13:

What I do to give back to the community is teach Sunday school. During the school year I can't always make it out to the church because of homework or whatever, but during the summer I have a bunch of time to myself. I usually wind up teaching Sunday school and I find it very fulfilling.

Mike, 16:

During the summer I like to work for a non-profit agency that helps people in need. We have a drop-off center for food and gently-used clothes. We have a list of people who need food and clothes. All they have to do to get on the list is give us a phone call, or pay us a visit. Then every second Saturday, we divide all the food and clothes according to the size of the family and the approximate clothes sizes of the family members. Once all that is done, we load everything into a couple of vans, and deliver the things to the families. I love what we do. It gives a purpose to life.

Sharon, 15:

I like to coach soccer through the summer. I used to play soccer when I was a kid, and my coach was so tough on me. He didn't care whether or not we had fun, he just wanted to us to win. I quit because of it. Now I like coaching, because I make sure that the kids I coach have a lot of fun, improve significantly, and work together as a team.

Let us know what you're doing to make your summer count. If it's something that makes a difference to others in your community, or helps you grow and expand your view of yourself, we'll post it at Talk City's The InSite!


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