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Terra has been around long enough to know the ins and outs of most aspects of this game called Life. But not so long that she's forgotten what it's like to be your age. Read some of the questions sent to Terra, and her answers on the topic of:


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"My friend gets all the guys."
"I'm not jealous of my best friend."
"My friend always wants all the attention."
"Is my friend jealous of me and my boyfriend?"
"Why does my sister always get to have the boyfriends?"
"He only likes me as a friend but he's obsessed with my friend!"
"My best guy friend is crazy about me but I don't feel that way at all."
"I'm not sure I want to be me in this friendship any more."
"My girlfriend doesn't say 'I love you' anymore."
"My old best friend is jealous of my new best friend."
"My bf's ex is getting in our way."
"Because of my ex I don't trust guys."
"Guys take my flirting the wrong way."
"I keep expecting my friends are going to ditch me."
"All the guys I like always like my best friend."
"I'm jealous of my best friend's relationship with her bf."
"It's no fun being the ugly duckling."
"I just don't feel that we belong together."
"We broke up because of other people."
"I like the guy who likes my best friend."

Need some advice? Write to Terra. She'll give you a straight answer without any lectures or bull.

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