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Terra has been around long enough to know the ins and outs of most aspects of this game called Life. But not so long that she's forgotten what it's like to be your age. Read some of the questions sent to Terra, and her answers on the topic of:


Letters 21 to 40 of 92

"What can you do when people just stop talking to you?"
"My mum's engaged and I have no one to talk to!"
"I lost my best friend to drugs."
"I want a child so I can fill this empty space in my heart."
"I've been thinking about suicide."
"I don't know why they hate me."
"Am I ready?"
"I have a hard time communicating with my dad and my step mom."
"My bf's ex is getting in our way."
"I used to be an active social person; now I hate everything."
"What's the purpose of life?"
"I really like this guy I met in a chat room."
"Because of my ex I don't trust guys."
"How can I explain my bad report card to my parents?"
"My mom never said I love you."
"I hurt myself to see if I am still alive."
"I feel really bad and my mom won't listen to me."
"Guys take my flirting the wrong way."
"I keep expecting my friends are going to ditch me."
"My friend is mad at me."

Need some advice? Write to Terra. She'll give you a straight answer without any lectures or bull.

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