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"I'm afraid of the way my parents will act toward my boyfriend."

Hey Terra,

I am 17 going to be 18 on Friday. I have been dating a guy who is 24 behind my parents backs. And since I am going to be 18 I wanted him to come over on my birthday. But I am afraid of the way that my parents might act. I am more afraid of my step dad then my mom because he is more protective of me with guys then my mom is. Can you please help me and tell me what I should do in this case?

Almost 18


Dear Almost 18,

The truth is, as an 18 year old, you are legally free to make your own decisions. That said, I am not a big fan of doing stuff "behind anyone's back" (especially parents and especially if you live with them). That's why you should tell them what's going on with you and this guy. I wouldn't suggest that you have the guy come over without first having a talk with your mom and step dad. If you are "afraid" of your step dad's reaction, you probably have a sense that he won't be really happy about this (at first). After you talk to them you'll have a better idea of what you want to do next. If they are cool with the idea (wouldn't that be nice?) then ask them if you can invite the guy to come to the party (after all, it is their house). If they are not cool with the idea of you two dating, then save the meeting for another time.

I hope this helps and good luck.

Let me know what happens. (And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!)

In friendship,


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