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"My sister told my bf I was cheating when I was not!"

Hey Terra,

I don't know what to do but my b/f is in the same school as my sister. One time she told him that I was cheating on him when I was not. I don't know if I should I break up with him because I like him a lot but I never see him, I never talk to him. He never calls me. What should I do? Should I break up with him or not?

Don't know what I should do


Dear Don't know what I should do,

You have described two problems, you know. The first one is with your sister, and that is a much more serious issue than whether you should break up with your bf. And yet, for some reason, you didn't ask me what you should do about your sister!

For your sister to be telling your bf that you were "cheating on him" was a betrayal of trust. If you haven't already talked to your sister, I would strongly suggest that you figure out how it made you feel to have her lying about you to your bf and then express those feelings to her. You might also ask her WHY she told him that. Does she care if you trust her or not? Is she interested in your bf for herself? If she has difficulty really hearing what you have to say, then you might want to talk to your mom or dad about this. What she did was not cool and since the relationship you have with her is a lifetime relationship, it's important that you two work things out so that you can trust her again.

As for the bf. If you "never see him" and "never talk to him" then what are you getting from this relationship?

In friendship,


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