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"I'm pretty lucky with my parents."

Hey Terra,

You probably hear from a lot of kids complaining about the way their parents treat them. But there's another side to that. Me for instance. I'm actually pretty happy with my parents. I guess I'm lucky to have an open and active relationship with my parents, one where I can talk to them about problems and they can talk to me to explain what thought process they're going through when/if they need to discipline me. The only thing that I would change about them is to perhaps have them guilt me less; if I do something wrong, I'm likely to know it from my inner voice, they don't need to rub it in. Other than that... I'm good with them.

It's Working for Me


Dear It's Working for Me,

Sounds like you and your parents have a healthy relationship. You're right, you are very lucky! Keep the communication open and the relationship will continue to grow.

In friendship,


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