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"My sister is bugging me!"

Hey Terra,

How do I keep my pesky, dorky little sister from bugging me when I have my friends over?



Dear Auggh,

You deserve to have time with your friends. No doubt about that. But, it sounds like you are angry at your sister for something more than being around when your friends are over. The words you have used to describe her, "little," "pesky," and "dorky" aren't very respectful and yet you want her to treat you with respect and give you space to be with your friends.

Sometimes it takes treating someone with respect to get the respect and cooperation you want. Hopefully you have already talked to your sister (politely and calmly) and let her know that it is important to you to have private time with your friends when they come to visit. Hopefully you have made an effort to understand why she wants to hang out with you and your cool friends (it's so much more interesting than being by herself!).

If, after you've had this conversation with your sister she hasn't changed her behavior, then I would suggest you talk with your parents and ask them for help. They should talk to her and the next time you have plans for friends to come over, they might encourage your sister to have her own friends over (so she won't feel the need to share yours) or go to someone else's house for a visit.

The first step is to talk about it.

I hope this helps.

In friendship,


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