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Hey Terra,

I'm a "freshwoman" in high school. I asked a boy (a really good friend of mine) to Homecoming this year, about 4 weeks ago. We had a great time--we didn't dance or anything, but we talked outside for about an hour and a half--we really kept the conversation going. I have strong feelings for him; I'd really like to go out with him. He's the funniest, nicest guy, and when I talk to him, I get that warm, tingly feeling inside. Unfortunately, I have no classes with him this year, but I see him at lunch and between classes occasionally. I'm not sure whether or not to make the next move. I know that he thinks of me as a really good friend, but I don't know otherwise. I'd really like to ask him to come with me and my best friend, who also knows him well, to a movie or something like that soon, but I don't know if he'd get the wrong idea. Please help me! Thank you.

Not sure


Dear Not sure,

You'll never know what "idea" he'll get if you don't ask. A movie with you and another of his (and your) friends sounds like a good next step.

Good luck and let me know what happens!

In friendship,


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