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"I think I might be pregnant!"

Hey Terra,

Today my boyfriend and I was making love and he came, but when he took the condom out of me the condom was torn and the part that held the sperm was off. I don't know if he came in me or if he he took it out of me and the condom kind of torn. He said he took it out while he was coming and said he didn't come in me. I trust him but I'm still a little scared. I'm on birth control pills and I'm on the green ones now but my period didn't come yet but it will come soon. It may come tomorrow!! Can I still get pregnant? Please Write back ASAP!!



Dear Freaked,

This isn't a matter of whether you 'trust' that your bf is telling you the truth, it's a matter of protection. Birth control pills, when taken properly (no skipped days) do an excellent job of protecting you against unwanted pregnancy. In fact, they are 99.9% effective in protecting you. So relax. Breathe. Inhale then exhale long and slow. That will calm you down and reduce stress.) Keep taking the pills as usual, and see if your period comes. Let me know what happens.

In friendship,


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