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"Should I be embarrassed to go on vacation with my mom?"

Hey Terra,

I am a 16 yr old male, and I wanna know does it look stupid with me going on vacation with my mom? Should I be embarrassed?

Not Sure


Dear Not Sure,

You've asked a really good question.

I can understand why you are wondering about this. You might be thinking "I'm 16 and if someone sees me on vacation with my mom, they might think I'm some kind of loser, with nothing better to do than be with her." But here's the thing... The people you are going to see on vacation don't know you or your situation. They are not going to be thinking anything about you, so you're safe there. If you and your mom get along and you'd like to go on a trip with her, then don't let anything stop you. It's really your choice how you want to be while you're away. You can bring an attitude with you that says "I don't want to be here and you can't make me enjoy myself" and is guaranteed you and your mom will have a lousy time. But, if you choose to, you can relax and have a great time. (Having a good time while you're with your mom doesn't mean that you're not cool. In fact, it shows a high level of coolness and maturity.) So, before you decide whether you want to go, you have to choose how you are going to be when you're there.

How's that sound?

In friendship,


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